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Forum Watch: Emily Deschanel in USA Weekend

Emily has a far too short but great blurb. Thanks to 'space' at the Anti-Boneyard forums for the heads up!

David Boreanaz blogs for NHL

While I can't seem to get into sports myself, I can definitely appreciate a man with a passion. And passion is certainly what David Boreanaz has when it comes to hockey, and especially for his hometown team, the Philadelphia Flyers. He is blogging for them this year and you can see all his posts here.

He did voice-overs and blogged last year. But his Flyers were taken, so he did it for the Buffalo Sabres instead. (They were his home team for awhile while growing up but he was converted).

Behind the scenes video from his voice-over work:

Amazing interconnected world

Maybe there is a widget that will do this, I don't know. I've only been blogging for 5 days now. But in my statcounter add-on there is an ability to map visitors. I found it very cool to see where all you guys come from!
Update: The latest fan map can always be seen by clicking the map toward the bottom of the left column on any page.

Buffy and Angel have arrived

Unlike most red blooded women in America who, if they know who David Boreanaz is, then they know who Angel is and are generally utterly gaga over the character. I had no idea who or what Angel was until well after I became hooked on Bones. I knew what Buffy was: my husband had been trying to get me interested for at least a year. But it was only after I became interested in Bones that he succeeded. How? By dangling DB, of course!

So I watched the first 2 seasons of Buffy on Hulu and now we just plunked close to $300 down to buy both sets for Buffy and Angel. (I also snuck in 'The Hard Easy' for more DB goodness, or at least more DB, who knows?) So now between watching Bones, watching Buffy and Angel, blogging here and here, fanfiction, and my own novel, where do I fit work, sleep and breathing? So many fun things, so little time.

PS Hate me if you must, but I'll take Booth over Angel any day!

Help a charity, be on Bones

If you have some spare cash (current bid is $660) and a love of Bones then visit this Ebay auction and bid on the chance for a walk-on role in Bones in Season 4. The powers that be will work with you to find a workable non-speaking role and you will be on set, ie likely hanging out with cast! How amazing would that be?

How it all began

It's always my hope that with this blog I can recruit new viewers to this great show. With that in mind I thought I'd give some background and summary info for the newbies amongst us.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

So the premise of the show is this: Dr. Temperance Brennan (played by Emily Deschanel, Glory Road) is top tier in a select field. She's a forensic anthropologist working for the Jeffersonian Institute. She travels the world assisting in cases and forensic IDs where her expertise is needed and, for at least one previous case, she has assisted the FBI in cooperation with Special Agent Seeley Booth. Apparently, it was not a good experience. If that wouldn't keep a normal human busy enough, she also writes novels on the side.

Special Agent Seeley Booth (played by David Boreanaz, Angel & the upcoming Our Lady of Victory) is a former Sniper-trained Army Ranger who has also traveled the world on assignment, but of the more covert kind. He's a man of action and is condescending toward the lab rat 'squints', including Dr. Brennan, and their lack of 'real world' knowledge.

On the surface you would assume that you're getting a show about a Dr. and a bunch of criminal cases. But that description does not do the show justice. What you really get with Bones is a show with many layers. You have the interesting criminal cases, you have a great cast of various lab characters and you have this wonderful partnership between a clinical, scientific, logical Dr. and a physical, emotional, action-oriented FBI agent. They take both show and gender stereotypes and either flip them completely or show them to you in a totally different way.

Dr. Temperance Brennan - played by Emily Deschanel
Special Agent Seeley Booth - played by David Boreanaz
Zack Addy - played by Eric Millegan
Dr. Jack Hodgins - played by T.J. Thyne
Ms. Angela Montenegro - played by Michela Conlin
Season 2 and beyond - Dr. Saroyan
Season 1 only - Dr. Goodman

The show is based on the Dr. Temperance Brennan novels, by Kathy Reichs. The plot comes from a mix of the books, Kathy's life, and Hart Hanson's twisted brain.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I'll review the 'Pilot' soon. It's hard to say much more about how it began without Pilot details and I'm not ready to tackle that fully yet.

Verdict in the Story: Promo Pictures

The Bones Picture Archive has a great Flickr stream with 'The Verdict in the Story' promotional pictures, click here to view the entire set.
They look so cute. Aww.

Emily in BU Today

There's a great article in the Boston University paper today on how Emily got started acting and how she landed her role in Bones.

Cute quote:

“So I met with Hart Hanson, the creator of the show, and Barry Josephson, the other executive producer, and the director,” Deschanel says. “I just remember Hart laughing at really-not-funny jokes I was telling, and thinking, he’s a really nice guy, because I’m not funny at all right now.”

Note: If you ever meet her, might want to call her Emily, or even Ms. Deschanel, instead of Bones!

Forum Watch: David Boreanaz Photoshoot

Francie, at the Anti-Boneyard has posted some great pics, courtesy of Setje at (who always has everything DB). I think they're older pictures but nonetheless, thanks to both of you!

Summer of Bones

Fox has announced it's summer schedule and Bones gets some heavy play.

Mondays (June 2-July 28)
8:00/7:00c - "Bones" (Repeats)
9:00/8:00c - "House" (Repeats)

Tuesdays (as of July 22)**
8:00/7:00c - "Bones" (Repeats)
9:00/8:00c - "House" (Repeats)

I didn't read the dates well at first and thought we'd be doubling up all summer. Oh well. It's still good exposure and hopefully we'll be teased with some Season 3 replay to tide us over until the DVD release.

Ask Ausiello 4/30/08

Scoopy Smurf is out with his latest round of info and it is good! He mentions Bones in both his Wednesday report and his latest Vodcast.

Some of you might consider these spoilers, so read with caution!Question: Are Booth and Brennan going to do any more kissing this season on Bones? — S.W.

Ausiello: Probably not this season. But next season? You betcha. Exec producer Hart Hansen confirms that the two Bs will "definitely" lock lips for real sometime in Season 4. "I figure, we're going into [our fourth season]," he says, "and we've had the fake kiss. So we need to go to the next step." At this rate, I'm guessing the rest of their relationship will unfold thusly:

Season 5: Sex
Season 6: Marriage
Season 7: Baby Bones
Season 8: Sarah Michelle Gellar turns up as Booth's never-before-seen demon-hunting ex.

You can't just leave me hanging as to why Bones is looking for a new full-time forensic anthropologist. Who's leaving? — Katie
Ausiello: Actually, I just double-checked the Ask Ausiello rulebook, and I can leave you hanging. Not only that, but I can even heighten your anxiety if I want. Which reminds me: Did I tell you about the two deaths coming up? One of them occurs in the May 12 episode, the other in the May 19 season finale.

Question: Do you have any Bones scoop? — Gerri
Ausiello: I'm trying to think of something that's bigger than the kiss and the two deaths I just told you about. Oh, here's something: There's a very good chance that the fourth-season premiere will air on Aug. 26 and be two hours long. And that's not the best part. No, the best part is waiting for you in this week's Ausiello Report vodcast!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I may be way off here but I'm going to speculate that Dr. Goodman is one of the deaths. He was credited as appearing in 'The Baby in the Bough' but we never saw him. They said the Gormogon storyline had been condensed to wrap in 1 episode now instead of an extended arc, thanks to the strike. Total guess but: death 1 is him and death 2 is the gormogon? (who I think/hope to be Dr. Bancroft and not anyone more lovable)

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Emily on Craig Ferguson - Update

It appears Emily finally has her scheduled date. Craig Ferguson's site only shows appearances through the next week but gives you a nice heads up that Emily will be appearing on Thursday night, May 8th (that's 12:30 AM on Friday for us East Coasters). Hopefully David's night will also come soon. The season is nearly over!

Emily and David are taping according to the following schedule:

Tue April 29, 2008 3:30 PM (that's today!)
Emily Deschanel

Wed May 7, 2008 5:15 PM
David Boreanaz

If you live in LA I am still required to hate you. No hard feelings, I hope?

Bones Episode Review - 3.09: 'The Baby in the Bough'

Notes: this is my first episode review. I don't want to do a full story recap. Fox does a great job of that on the official site. This is more opinion and perspective from a fan, as well as how I think it fits into the greater Bones landscape. When season 3 ends I plan to review all the previous episodes over the summer, starting with the 'Pilot'.


After last week's 'Player Under Pressure' I was a little skeptical about another out-of-order episode. I have really been jonesing for some 'kiss' aftermath and this episode should have aired directly before it. I must say though, I was very happy with 'The Baby in the Bough'.

This is one of my favorite episodes of all time. How could it not be?

-Cutest baby. Ever.
-Adorable Hodgela moments
-Cutest baby. EVER.
-and top shelf Booth and Bones moments

Charlie - "Is it true Dr. Brennan's taking care of the baby? Because that's something I'd pay to see." Dude just stole Angela's role! Angela is supposed to be our voice. I'll grudgingly admit that he pulled it off well. This is exactly what the fans were doing - raptly absorbing this hilarious episode where we were eager to do exactly that: watch Temperance Brennan care for a child. And we weren't disappointed.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The case wasn't one of the most interesting, to me. Minor beef with television show casting: who didn't know instantly who the bad-guy was when you saw 'Biff' (Played by Thomas F. Wilson)? No one else in the show was a recognizable face and he was right in the mix of suspects. It would have been more mysterious to have him play the husband or the husband of Carol Grant.

I don't mind that the case wasn't spectacular. 1) It's not the main reason I watch, big secret there. 2) With a side story so wonderful, a spectacular mystery would have competed with that. I'm glad the case was in the middle and, while giving a good base to the episode, didn't outshine the character stories.

- The story about beets cracked me up. He has no clue and no tact and I love how well they portray that.
- "Prodigious saliva production." This reminded me of Hodgins giving him advice on how to pretend to be human. We need to see Zack attempting to get a life and/or a date. If a baby has him in such awe what would normal situations do? We used to see this with Temperance but Booth has helped her become more and more 'normal'. Lets go back to season 1 funny, but with Zack this time. (Don't ever revert Temperance, okay?)
- Zack hanging up on Dr. Brennan. Slightly contrived but still very funny. Z-"Is this a better time?" Brennan-"No, no, no." Zack moves to hang up on her again. Z-"Then why'd you call back?"
- Gotta love our resident Vulcan/Robot.

- I wouldn't mind it if Cam got a bit more of a life outside the lab. Her only role, outside of brief object of fan hate when she was with Booth and the single family story, is to play straight-man to the rest of the cast. Don't get me wrong, the writers give her great lines and she plays them well. But I'd love a bit more character development out of her. Tamara Taylor, and the fans, can handle it!
- Cam stayed true to form in this episode. She was either a foil to Zack's social ineptness, a quick fly-by with important information, or the conduit by which the lab learned Andy's name. The one scene where she gets a moment to say something we should really listen to is actually about Angela and it's pretty negative on Cam, to boot. It was funny and it played a purpose but for the viewer it reflected a little harshly on her. She went to Angela to ask her about kids and played into the plot device of Angela being just a tad bit worried about what kids would do to her fab body. It just made Cam seem so...cold...and not in the endearing Temperance Brennan way.

Hodgela - (Hodgins/Angela - are they really separate anymore?)
- Adorable, as always.
- A-"Get used to it. I want, like, a million of these." ... H-"What do you think she meant by a million? Two?"
- Cam-"How many?... Because a million seems a bit impractical." A-"I don't know. I kind of have a thing for chaos. I guess I'll stop when the Feds need to airlift me in supplies."
- H-"I don't care if you're mushy and shapeless, puffy from constant hormone fluctuations. I'll still find you sexy." A-"Well I'm not going to look like..." H-"It's okay. When you get wider there'll be more of you to love."
- I have a personal beef with him being a complete doormat to her whims most of the time. But I got the impression that the 'more of you to love' discussion had some purpose on his part. He did look genuinely crestfallen when she stopped the discussion but when he turned away and smiled he didn't look at all innocent, or sad.
-A-"You two better get your act together or I'm suing for custody."

This is a good Booth episode. He gets to do pretty much everything we love about him. He is protective of the weak, heroically self sacrificing, shows his blue collar philosophy, love of sports and love of Bones, teaches Bones a few things, and is just adorable. (I'll give writers most of the credit in that list but the nuances DB adds to Seeley give the character so much richness and deserve due credit, especially in the 'adorable' category.)

Cute Booth line: "That's right people: I am a constant surprise."

The breast milk scene was great! DB added some great gestures and visible discomfort to it but I love these scenes for this characters. Hart Hanson seems determined to deconstruct our classic 'hero'. These scenes where Booth squirm are so well-written and well-played. They give Booth a depth, and humor of course, unseen in most every hero, without making Booth any less heroic.

While Temperance's world view evolved in this episode, his was on display but unchanged. He's very blue collar and you can't get more 'hard working American' than a town that did everything you were supposed to and yet still fell on hard times. He strongly believes that everyone is equal and everyone deserves a chance. He doesn't push that on Bones, but by the end of the episode she is fulfilling his view without him having asked her to. While she is rich, and he dislikes the 'entitled' rich, he wants her to use their wealth for herself (and him - see later section) but is nonetheless pleasantly surprised and undoubtedly proud when she uses it to help people she didn't have to; people he feels are very deserving yet overlooked.

When Booth started dipping his hands into those bags of mulch I was both laughing and cringing for the character. He is a bit of a priss and I couldn't wait for the moment he'd realize he was sticking his bare hand into bags and eventually he was going to find the one they were looking for; the one containing human remains. The only way I think that could have been better was if he'd wiped his hand on her jacket as she walked away.

Fish-out-of-water Temperance is a staple of the show and this situation doesn't disappoint. It's great to see her learn to care for, and even become attached to, a baby. And I'm glad they didn't take it too far. Zack provides the true out-of-touch scientist take on a baby. She has learned a lot from Booth. It's great to see her have something else to learn. And not only from Booth. This episode has her learning about herself and even evolving her own world view.

Her attempts to apply an adult, rational template to a child provide a lot of the great humor in this episode:
"Obviously something is upsetting you." (to Andy)
"Elephants are not purple. This is wrong."
"...bears, which in reality would devour a small child."
"I don't understand. I fed him, he's been changed, I patted him, and now he's just complaining."
"We will find out what happened to your mother. I promise. Booth is an excellent investigator, and I don't like to boast, but I am the best in my field. (crying Andy) What do you want? about some visual and auditory stimulation? Okay. Lets see. Umm...Phalanges! Phalanges, phalanges, phalanges! Dancing Phalanges! Dancing Phalanges! (laughing Andy) Yeah! Booth thinks that bones are drying and boring but...Show me your phalanges!" How cute is this scene? They could have written it in a way that she failed miserably they didn't. Temperance is unconventional and a bit weird but she makes things work in her own (very humorous) way.
"You know, his development would be heightened if you didn't talk to him like a fool."

In the last scene, Booth asks her if she's now more open to having kids. She doesn't really answer him, positive or negative. That in itself is telling. In the past she was adamant about her view on this. A quiet Temperance is a thoughtful Temperance and usually bodes change. She became very attached to Andy, though she's loathe to admit it.

There's more to Temperance in this episode than just the baby, however. She grows a bit more, even outside Booth's influence. At the start, she believes that the town should be allowed to die and all the residents should abandon it. But as she spends more time in the town, and of course with Andy, her view changes. She thinks her money has bought her influence enough to get a Congressman interested in the town but when that fails she realizes that she can do something more direct, and contrary to her earlier opinion, that she should do something more direct for the town.

Only Negative that comes to mind: "I can introduce myself." Eyeroll. Do we still have to see her do crap like this? She's evolved, don't make her de-evolve. Booth has introduced her time and again. It's obnoxious to see her do something like that.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I have saved the best for last. This right here is why I watch this show and why CSI and such leave me feeling dis-satisfied. There are so many great B/B moments I'll just go one by one.

Changing Diapers 101 - Beautiful play of Booth showing Bones the ropes. She's completely out of her element and thoroughly annoyed and it works great. We get to watch Booth go out of his way for the baby and push Brennan into a situation that she's not comfortable with but he's very confident she needs exposure to.

Booth - "You look very Mom-like..." aww

Baby Daddy/Mommy - Bones- "'re the baby daddy." In reply he says she can be the "daddy mommy." Now, there's two ways to look at this. If he actually was supposed to say 'daddy mama' that has a very different meaning that childcare. Wowza! But in reality I'm guessing it's a goof and he should have said "baby mommy" which is very cute and couple-like. The look from DB as she takes Andy from Angela at the end of this scene conveys a wealth of tenderness. Again, aww.

Priorities - Bones-"I'm not leaving you, Booth." Booth-"Yes, you will, because this about the baby, not me. Promise me." (Long pause with obligatory adorable baby shot.) Bones-"I promise." This is a very good scene. We've seen them rescue each other in the past and while her first instinct is always to back him up, and protect him as much as he does her, he won't let her do that here. He's showing her that there are somethings in the world that should be protected whether there's love there or not.

Necklace pendant - When Bones gave Andy that pendant I was half laughing and half hoping righteous-protector Booth would immediately come in and rescue Andy.

Breast Milk - Booth-"Probably because she didn't want it affecting her, you know, her supply." I love this interchange with a classic B/B bicker. They go back and forth with his uncomfortable shyness (and wonderful expressiveness) and her clinical statements. They stop long enough just to say a little about the case then she brings it right back to their 'discussion'.

Time to give Andy up - Booth spends the first half of the episode getting Bones comfortable with the baby and then he's supposed to take him away. While they are technically arguing it's still a very tender scene. He recognizes that she can't give up Andy yet. He doesn't relent out of any logical reason. He relents because she asks him to. Only wish for this scene is that he'd actually seen her blowing raspberries on Andy. How cute would his tender expression have been?

Time to give Andy up, for real - Booth-"Yeah, looks like our little guy is going to be just fine." Powerful look passes between the two of them and he amends with, "The little guy." True to form, he informed her first. When something manages to make Temperance emotional she sometimes needs time to accept it and deal with it before facing it. He knows this and in coming to her first he gave her that time. Despite that she's still upset, visibly (good work ED), when she has to hand him over to Carol Grant.

Final Scene
First off, where in the world are they? It looks like they went out of the middle of no where to have time together. How very intimate is that? (Please correct me if you see any sign of where they are.) This is a great alternate take on the diner scene endings. The setting is even more intimate than a diner table: they are truly alone, wherever they are.

Booth feeling her out about kids is very cute. We saw Angela do it with Hodgins already and the symbolism isn't lost here. I think it matters to Booth that she be open to having kids. I like that they never have her adamantly deny it here. She can't let herself say she's open but old-school Temperance would have immediately launched into an "Anthropologically speaking..." diatribe. She's evolved and it's sweet.

Booth is proud of what she's doing. He links the pride in actions to kids but he's making it clear in every other way that he is most definitely proud of her. And I think she knows it and values it. But as she says, that's not why she did it.

The running theme of the house is a wonderful plot point. He categorizes it as financial advice but all his advice about this house is how he fits into it. I love it when they do this in episodes. I think the writers want these two together but they also want the show to last for a long time so what can they do? They can plant ideas like this of a couple's house, without actually giving them to us. Booth plans this house out, with his own media room for sports, 'family' type activities, and Bones cooking dip for him (incidentally DB has pointed out before that his wife makes 12 layer dip when he's watching sports games on TV). In some ways this is better, at this point at least, than watching them jump each others bones (no pun intended, I swear!). A dream surpasses reality in so many ways.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I'm so glad to be back into the Season 3 flow where these two are a fluid pair. They are together in ways that many couples only dream of and though I know it will be a depressingly long time before we see that commitment become official it is already clearly there. I hope the writers keep that true and don't introduce any more love interests to get in the way. They have brought the characters far too close for that.

Husband + New Bones = ?

So my husband, who still claims he's not addicted to Bones, decided to start watching the new episodes with me last night. It went a little something like this:

Wife sits down to watch new Bones.

Husband walks in just after it starts to watch it too.

Wife cringes, just a little bit, inside.

Wife mistakenly shushes husband when he laughs at something funny. Whoops, knee jerk reaction!

Husband asks what happened to Hodgins' hair. (Note: husband hasn't seen past Season 2 finale yet.)

Wife puts off answering until commercial break. No shushing or fussing. He did actually ask during a show lull.

Husband makes a comment during important dialogue from the illustrious Zack Addy.

Wife fusses during next commercial break. (Hey, I have priorities here. First show, then fuss!)

Husband upset. Wife feels bad but is adamant: Bones is sacrosanct!

Husband eventually stops giving wife the crazy-eye and balance is restored.


I loved this episode! I'll post a more extensive review after I can re-watch it on Hulu. I must admit I guessed the baddy as soon as I saw 'Biff', but who cares? We got an adorable baby, funny Angela/Hodgins moments, and amazing romantic nods between Booth and Bones. I can't wait to re-watch it.

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Sexiest Smart Chick - Update

Emily Deschanel has been nominated as one of TV Guide's Sexiest Smart Chicks.

What's not to love? She knows karate, she can jury rig explosives, she looks great in a dress, and she can get the sexy sniper trained FBI agent to do anything for her. Oh and she also writes novels and solves crimes just by looking at bones. Love her? Can I be her?

Update: Well, unfortunately, she didn't win. Maybe next year she and David can be nominated as a sexy couple? Congratulations to Mariska Hargitay on her win.

Opinion: Make Brennan jealous, just a bit!

The more I watch, and re-watch, Bones episodes the more I see how much they give us Seeley's love and jealousy front and center but they don't really do that with Temperance. In my opinion, they should give us a bit more of that from her. I think one of the reasons that 'The Killer in the Concrete' is one of my favorite episodes is that, for a flash, we see her emotion and panic. When she punches the bounty hunter we can see how desperate she is to find her partner.

I realize that she's not an emotional person but after awhile that's really hard for the viewer to take this. I think they could show a little more emotion from her without making her an emotional wreck. People need to see that she wants Seeley as much as he wants her but they both have this unspoken (mostly) pact not to act on it. They are together as David Boreanaz tells us often, but they won't take the final step into a sexual relationship. I love watching a strong man protect and silently love his woman but I think we need to see a bit more of her looking at that final step, at him, and wishing she could.

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Ausiello's Latest Scoop - Spoiler Warning

On the latest Ask Ausiello the maestro gives the following 'scoop':

-highlight below for the gossip-
Ausiello: Brennan will be juggling two gentlemen suitors in an upcoming episode — one who may or may not be married and one who may or may not be gay.

I'm going to take a guess and say that is something from the episode "The Wannabe in the Weeds" since that one involves two former American Idol contestants. Just a stab. It also doesn't sound like they will have much of a chance of getting in the way of the Booth/Brennan couple-dom but hopefully the competition will ramp up a little Seeley jealousy? One can only hope!

David + Classic car = ?

What more could you want? David Boreanaz in a classic '66 Mustang convertible...all that's left is being there with him, right?

Updated Image

Baby in the Bough - Spoiler Videos

Spoiler videos for Baby in the Bough. I prefer to watch these on Hulu (thank you Fox gods for posting them there) but they don't last long and anyone outside of the U.S.A. is, unfortunately, S.O.L.

All videos Copyright Fox

"Auntie Bones"

"Changing Diapers 101"

"Can't let go"

"How loaded are you?"

Behind the Scenes at the start of Season 3

While researching video sites for promo videos for Baby in the Bough, I came across this video I'd never seen before. It's Emily and David at the start of season 3. The quality isn't great but it's worth a watch for yet another insight into how they view the character relationship and how they continue to grow ever closer.

Copyright Fox Broadcasting

The original video can be found in this list, in the smaller size but better quality. I realize why I'd never seen it before. My Firefox and the video archive on the Bones site do not get along.

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TJ Thyne in Commercials

These commercials aren't new but are still worth noting. I remembered the Super Bowl commercial but was shocked to find out he was the actor.

You can't help but laugh at this one.

Those are both listed under an account named fansoftjthyne. Visit the link and you can see much more of his work. He is so very young in many of them!

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Sexiest Smart Chick

Emily Deschanel has been nominated as one of TV Guide's Sexiest Smart Chicks.

What's not to love? She knows karate, she can jury rig explosives, she looks great in a dress, and she can get the sexy sniper trained FBI agent to do anything for her. Oh and she also writes novels and solves crimes just by looking at bones. Love her? Can I be her?

Emily and David both to appear on Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson's site only shows appearances through the next week but the tickets page gives you a nice heads up that both our lovely Bones stars are taping appearances. Hopefully they will both air soon. The season is nearly over!

Tue April 29, 2008 3:30 PM
Emily Deschanel

Wed May 7, 2008 5:15 PM
David Boreanaz

If you live in LA I am required to hate you. No hard feelings, I hope?


Sharing the obsession

I'm a giver. Really. I feel compelled to share my obsession with everyone.

It started small. A casual mention of a funny scene, a joke, a tidbit gleaned of the characters. There are some nibbles but no bites - the friend who 'might' try it out, the Canadian friend who loves the novels but is unsure about the shows. All of these are great but they're just filler for the real objective:

The husband. He must. learn. to. love. it.

I don't know why I want him to love it so much. It's very counterintuitive. How can I crush on David Boreanaz and the Booth/Bones romance if he is there to make fun of something? Why would I subject myself to this?

And yet I press on.

We each have our own computer and they are side by side. Picture wide screen flat panel monitors and just enough space between our desks for the cat bed. I have developed a nightly habit of re-watching seasons 1 and 2 of Bones on my computer, a few episodes at a time. He plays video games with headphones on and I detest them so the shows on my computer are open to hear. At first he ignored me and the shows completely but after a few days I would have to hide my smile at the random chuckles from my left. Day or two more and I noticed the right ear-piece lived perpetually below the ear and a few quick glances stole my way.

In the interest of brevity (wake up, seriously!) I believe I finally succeeded last night. I'd already gotten him to the point of asking questions. He paid attention so randomly that he knew who people were on sight but not much else. I put in 'Judas on a Pole' with a strict admonition that he much watch it and learn about Max. He dutifully, without any leaning, complied and I filled him in on other details along the way. He gave the episode his full attention. Yay. But the kicker was that upon the end of the episode, when I went to start 'The Man in the Cell' (he's seen the first 2 Epps episodes) he asked that I not start it because he'd get nothing else done.

Hook. Line. Sunk!

But is it a good thing? So far he's watched random bits of seasons 1 and 2 with varying degrees of attention and most of 'The Man in the Mud' when I re-watched it on Hulu at my desk but he doesn't go watch new airings with me and I'm not sure if I want him to. We watch Heroes and LOST together but he is dead serious about those shows and not an interruption of enjoyment. He's actually rabidly anti-crime show, however, and it's a testament to the writers of Bones that they won him over. Will it last? Will I kill him the first time he laughs at a dreamy Booth/Bones moment?

Update: The answer to those end questions can be found here.

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I, Wendy, am not affiliated with Fox or the show Bones in any way. I am a fan who appreciates this quality show and am here strictly to provide a solid information resource for other fans of the show. I strive to post everything I can find that is directly related to Bones that are legal and most public things related to the cast. I steer mostly clear of paparazzi shots and completely clear of any postings leading to overtly illegal downloading or viewing of copyrighted show material.

The site is free for the enjoyment of all fans and I appreciate your kind feedback as well as any tips of information or direct submissions.

I can be contacted via the blog email:

Use of My Works

90% of this site is reporting on show news and this disclaimer refers to use of such articles, photographs and off-site commentary.

As for the rest, my work, I don't mind it appearing elsewhere but please: if I'm your source for information or statements, such as my own words, cite me out of courtesy and respect. I put a lot of work into something I don't get paid to do and all I ask is that you give me credit where it is due.

Creative License Disclaimer

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All logos, pictures, videos, names and news stories are copyright of their respective owners and are being used under the "fair use" principle of the copyright law.

If you own the rights to any image or content used here and would like it removed please contact me at

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