Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ask Ausiello 4/30/08

Scoopy Smurf is out with his latest round of info and it is good! He mentions Bones in both his Wednesday report and his latest Vodcast.

Some of you might consider these spoilers, so read with caution!Question: Are Booth and Brennan going to do any more kissing this season on Bones? — S.W.

Ausiello: Probably not this season. But next season? You betcha. Exec producer Hart Hansen confirms that the two Bs will "definitely" lock lips for real sometime in Season 4. "I figure, we're going into [our fourth season]," he says, "and we've had the fake kiss. So we need to go to the next step." At this rate, I'm guessing the rest of their relationship will unfold thusly:

Season 5: Sex
Season 6: Marriage
Season 7: Baby Bones
Season 8: Sarah Michelle Gellar turns up as Booth's never-before-seen demon-hunting ex.

You can't just leave me hanging as to why Bones is looking for a new full-time forensic anthropologist. Who's leaving? — Katie
Ausiello: Actually, I just double-checked the Ask Ausiello rulebook, and I can leave you hanging. Not only that, but I can even heighten your anxiety if I want. Which reminds me: Did I tell you about the two deaths coming up? One of them occurs in the May 12 episode, the other in the May 19 season finale.

Question: Do you have any Bones scoop? — Gerri
Ausiello: I'm trying to think of something that's bigger than the kiss and the two deaths I just told you about. Oh, here's something: There's a very good chance that the fourth-season premiere will air on Aug. 26 and be two hours long. And that's not the best part. No, the best part is waiting for you in this week's Ausiello Report vodcast!

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I may be way off here but I'm going to speculate that Dr. Goodman is one of the deaths. He was credited as appearing in 'The Baby in the Bough' but we never saw him. They said the Gormogon storyline had been condensed to wrap in 1 episode now instead of an extended arc, thanks to the strike. Total guess but: death 1 is him and death 2 is the gormogon? (who I think/hope to be Dr. Bancroft and not anyone more lovable)


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