Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Husband + New Bones = ?

So my husband, who still claims he's not addicted to Bones, decided to start watching the new episodes with me last night. It went a little something like this:

Wife sits down to watch new Bones.

Husband walks in just after it starts to watch it too.

Wife cringes, just a little bit, inside.

Wife mistakenly shushes husband when he laughs at something funny. Whoops, knee jerk reaction!

Husband asks what happened to Hodgins' hair. (Note: husband hasn't seen past Season 2 finale yet.)

Wife puts off answering until commercial break. No shushing or fussing. He did actually ask during a show lull.

Husband makes a comment during important dialogue from the illustrious Zack Addy.

Wife fusses during next commercial break. (Hey, I have priorities here. First show, then fuss!)

Husband upset. Wife feels bad but is adamant: Bones is sacrosanct!

Husband eventually stops giving wife the crazy-eye and balance is restored.


I loved this episode! I'll post a more extensive review after I can re-watch it on Hulu. I must admit I guessed the baddy as soon as I saw 'Biff', but who cares? We got an adorable baby, funny Angela/Hodgins moments, and amazing romantic nods between Booth and Bones. I can't wait to re-watch it.


CupcakeBean said...

This sounds like it would be in my house if I actually let my hubby watch with me, which I won't. I've taken to locking myself in the bedroom to watch new episodes, for his safety. Next step: installing a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on the door during Bones.

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