Friday, April 25, 2008

Sharing the obsession

I'm a giver. Really. I feel compelled to share my obsession with everyone.

It started small. A casual mention of a funny scene, a joke, a tidbit gleaned of the characters. There are some nibbles but no bites - the friend who 'might' try it out, the Canadian friend who loves the novels but is unsure about the shows. All of these are great but they're just filler for the real objective:

The husband. He must. learn. to. love. it.

I don't know why I want him to love it so much. It's very counterintuitive. How can I crush on David Boreanaz and the Booth/Bones romance if he is there to make fun of something? Why would I subject myself to this?

And yet I press on.

We each have our own computer and they are side by side. Picture wide screen flat panel monitors and just enough space between our desks for the cat bed. I have developed a nightly habit of re-watching seasons 1 and 2 of Bones on my computer, a few episodes at a time. He plays video games with headphones on and I detest them so the shows on my computer are open to hear. At first he ignored me and the shows completely but after a few days I would have to hide my smile at the random chuckles from my left. Day or two more and I noticed the right ear-piece lived perpetually below the ear and a few quick glances stole my way.

In the interest of brevity (wake up, seriously!) I believe I finally succeeded last night. I'd already gotten him to the point of asking questions. He paid attention so randomly that he knew who people were on sight but not much else. I put in 'Judas on a Pole' with a strict admonition that he much watch it and learn about Max. He dutifully, without any leaning, complied and I filled him in on other details along the way. He gave the episode his full attention. Yay. But the kicker was that upon the end of the episode, when I went to start 'The Man in the Cell' (he's seen the first 2 Epps episodes) he asked that I not start it because he'd get nothing else done.

Hook. Line. Sunk!

But is it a good thing? So far he's watched random bits of seasons 1 and 2 with varying degrees of attention and most of 'The Man in the Mud' when I re-watched it on Hulu at my desk but he doesn't go watch new airings with me and I'm not sure if I want him to. We watch Heroes and LOST together but he is dead serious about those shows and not an interruption of enjoyment. He's actually rabidly anti-crime show, however, and it's a testament to the writers of Bones that they won him over. Will it last? Will I kill him the first time he laughs at a dreamy Booth/Bones moment?

Update: The answer to those end questions can be found here.


CupcakeBean said...

I must tell you that I feel the same way about sharing "my" show with my hubby. I know he would like it if I actually let him watch it. He has shown some interest, but I have done my best to keep him out of it. It is my own personal obsession. As much as I would love someone to watch and discuss with, I just don't think he would appreciate, make that respect, the B&B relationship in the way that I require. I want a girlfriend that I can squeal over the shippy parts with, one that won't think I'm a weirdo for analyzing every look between Booth and Brennan. My hubby has a tendency to nitpick shows and mock things that he thinks are dumb, even with shows he likes. I keep him out of my obsession for his own safety! :)

Cheryl said...

I totally get wanting ur husband to join u. Obsessions are waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy more fun in good company;)

Wendy said...

Except when he pauses it to nitpick. There be poking. And dirty looks.

Cheryl said...

Pause?? No no no no no. I'm with CupcakeBean on this one. When Bones is on, it's like I'm dead to the world. Abt the only accepted interruption would be the Bones cast itself appearing at my front door.

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