Sunday, April 20, 2008

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I, Wendy, am not affiliated with Fox or the show Bones in any way. I am a fan who appreciates this quality show and am here strictly to provide a solid information resource for other fans of the show. I strive to post everything I can find that is directly related to Bones that are legal and most public things related to the cast. I steer mostly clear of paparazzi shots and completely clear of any postings leading to overtly illegal downloading or viewing of copyrighted show material.

The site is free for the enjoyment of all fans and I appreciate your kind feedback as well as any tips of information or direct submissions.

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Carrie said...

Hi Wendy--wrong place to put this, I know, but I wasn't sure where the RIGHT place is. I love the site, it perfectly suits my feelings about BONES (Obsessed!). Lately I find myself wanting to re-watch an episode--I'll download it from iTunes-- but I don't know which one it is and the episode guides I've found haven't helped me. It is the one where one of Booth's colleagues nearly kills Bones and he saves her despite having been hospitalized. It is frequently excerpted in the various YouTube fan videos, I believe it is from the 1st season but can't find the storyline that matches what I remember. Can you give me the episode title, please? Thanks. Carrie

Wendy said...

Hi Carrie,

That would be "Two Bodies in the Lab."

Glad you enjoy the blog! :)

Carrie said...

Hi Wendy--me again. Hope you are feeling better.

FYI there is an article yesterday's New York Times (see here:

with some BONES mentions.

elmarie said...

Hey Wendy!
Check out this article about Bones being a Trending Topic on Twitter last Wednesday. If you post this link we might be able to get Bones up to the #1 TT next week!

Don't worry there aren't any spoilers (I don't think), and it's really cool to see how popular Bones actually is.
Thanks! Elmarie

cslorenz2 said... has a poll for best show of 2009 and Bones is a candidate (also gets the cover photos for the link). Currently running in 2nd place but well behind Lie to Me. Post a link so other Bones-obsessed folk can vote too!

Anonymous said...

Wendy - miss your reviews - of previous seasons and definitely of his season - I know life interferes, but here's hoping you'll post your insights soon (wishing it to be so).

Briggitte said...

love love love this blog!!!! best in the world!!!!!!!

da_Liza said...

Did you know that in the "cocky belt buckle" video Fox posted today, your site is shown? Congrats!

Wendy said...

I knew it was coming :) But I wanted to wait to see it before I posted.

Puppies said...

Have you heard this? It's Emily D. on her boyfriend's podcast Yoda and Me. It's HILARIOUS!

Mart said...

Hi Wendy,

I know this is probably not the right place to ask, but I didn't know where to ask it..
I was wondering if you knew when season 6 starts? Because I really can't wait! It's probably in september again right? Do you know the actual date?


and p.s. nice blog, love the information and the coming together of obsessed fans like me ;)

H__ROB said...

Hi Wendy,

Im not sure where to say this so I guess I will say it here. I wasnt sure if you had heard of the bones fanawards that have been started this summer. A couple of fans have started a little competition that will recognize all types of Bones fanworks. It is made where fans can nominate fanfics, fanvids, and fanart, then vote on the nominations to determine the favorite. It is a livejournal community Nominations have started, and we are trying to get the word out. Thanks :)

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