Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ask Ausiello - 5/7/08

Ausiello is back again with a little Bones scoop. Highlight below the image for the text so we can save the anti-spoiler people the pain.

Question: I'm a huge fan of Bones. I have one question: Is one of the two deaths you mentioned in last week's Ask Ausiello not real?Rita

Ausiello: Good question. It actually might not be. Shortly after AA went live last week, a Bones insider e-mailed me to say, "There are actually two casualties coming up — only one of which leads to death." My mole's tip was all but confirmed by co-star Eric Millegan at TV Guide's Sexiest Stars Party. Actually, Millegan had a lot to say about this season's final two episodes (airing May 12 and 19), paying specific attention to the fate of his character, Zack, and the evil Gormogon.

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