Saturday, May 17, 2008

Big Spoiler for The Pain in the Heart - Bones Season 3 Finale

So far, the only link I have is on Hulu, which is US only. Do not take this scene entirely at face value if you watch it. It IS a spoiler and a big one though so be warned.

I'll keep an eye out for a youtube or other hosting site link for those of you outside the US.

PS I'm already spoiled on most of the Season finale. I'm not breaking my no spoiler vow here!

For the's not on Youtube or anything, that I can see. But you can try this:

Register for livejournal then also register "on and the video will work for you very well, I promise you (some postings are 'closed', for the members only, hence you can't see them)."

-Thanks to Mereva on The Anti-Boneyard for that tip -

When I can find a world-friendly link like Youtube I will post it.


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