Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blogging Headaches

I updated the template today to add a 3rd column on the right now the 'email this post' icon has disappeared. The ability to do so is still there (mouse-over just right of 'links to this post') but the icon won't appear. Blognewb strikes again! Hopefully I'll have that fixed soon, or I'll simply revert to the old template for now. If you have a tip, feel free to email me or post it in comments.

Update: Looks like I'm not a total newb afterall. A bit of tense wading through code and I've returned the icon, yay! I still can't get my 'quick edit' icon back, but that's my problem, not yours. Happy browsing!

I'm off to see Ironman in a bit. I hope to do a review for 'Man in the Mud' later today and post it.


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