Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bones Season 4 Information

I'll try to update this as I get new Bones Season 4 information but here's what I know so far. Information is subject to change.

-In the fall Bones will air on Wednesday nights at 8pm. In January it will most likely be Friday nights at 8pm.

-View all the Fox Fall/Bones Promos here

-The Season 4 Bones Premier will air Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 and be 2 hours long. It will be set in England and feature Booth and Brennan. No other recurring characters are said to make the trip

-There are 20 episodes ordered for the season.

-Episodes 1-8 are titled
Episode 4.01/2: Yanks in the UK - Pt1/Pt2
Episode 4.03: The He In The She
Episode 4.04: The Man in the Outhouse
Episode 4.05: The Finger in the Nest
Episode 4.06: The Crank in the Shaft
Episode 4.07: The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond
Episode 4.08: The Bone that Blew

-Before breaking in June, they filmed episodes 3-6 and then the 2 hour premier.

-Shooting for the rest of the Season begins August 4th.

-The recurring cast list for Season 4 is:
Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance Brennan
David Boreanaz as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth
TJ Thyne as Dr. Jack Hodgins
Michaela Conlin as Angela Montenegro
Tamara Taylor as Dr. Camille "Cam" Saroyan
John Francis Daley as Dr. Lance Sweets

-Will Eric Millegan (Zack Addy) be back for Season 4 of Bones?
Not as a recurring cast member, but very possibly in occasional guest spots.

-There's supposed to be at least one storyline involving Dog Fighting, according to Emily Deschanel.

There are other spoiler tidbits out there but as of now this site is generally spoiler-free.

If you have any additional information or think something I have might be wrong, please comment or email me at


Louise said...

Oh-ho ... I don't know how you can bear to keep spoiler-free ... the first slides for the season premiere have just appeared!

Let me know if you want the episode title.

Evi said...

I keep the site spoiler so that everyone can come here for basic information. That doesn't mean I'm always so spoiler-free myself. I'm honestly still deciding for myself. I knew some big things about the finale ahead of time and thought it 'spoiled' it but when I watched it there was still so much I didn't know.

I still link spoilers here and I'll probably link that one too! I just don't want to post them in black and white. Many people are very adamantly anti-spoiler.

Anonymous said...

i thought that it was the two hour special that was called "the he in the she"... it wouldnt be very pc to say"yanks" would it??
i'm not sure...

Wendy said...

There's not really that much of a negative connotation to the word Yanks, that I'm aware of.

That is most definitely the title though, and the He in the She will follow as a regular episode. The confusion comes from the fact that the 4 episodes after the 2 hour pilot were filmed (and written) first so people assumed they were the first 4 episodes of the season.

Anonymous said...

im just wonder wthat gonna happened between Booth ang Brennan in this season:D maybe some kind of change;D

but we have to wait...

LouAnne said...

I am SO upset; had a brain burp and missed the first hour of the premier episode tonight. I am hoping that our station will rerun it sometime this week. Is there anywhere online where you can see whole episodes like with other network's shows?

Red said...

Just for clarification on the term "Yanks," which is short for yankees and refers to people from the north. During the 17 and 1800's different groups of people were given nicknames to denote their origins. Yankees were from the northern states, and the southern states had Creoles. Creoles were either people who had French roots and were immigrants from France or they were the men and women who were born from interracial unions.

I doubt that this term would constitute a disagreement over the possibility of being politically correct or incorrect. It is in no way a derogatory term, it, basically, constitutes from where the person is from.

Anonymous said...

this maybe seems like a very "geeky" question but does anybody know which iMac they are using in Bones?? 20" or the 24"??

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the title of the song in the Season 4 episode The He In The She is that sounds like a gospel song at the end of the epdisode? I think it sound great but have no idea who sang it.

Anonymous said...

i just love bones series ive collected everyone david and emily are very funny when they work together i am just woundering when is it getting realesed on dvd and its not going to be the same without zack regards

jenni2400 said...

Will there be a series 5 of Bones?

Anonymous said...

Will there be season 5 of Bones?? Please answer please

Wendy said...

I am sure there will be, but the official word that the network has agreed to another season usually does not come until May.

Amy said...

Anything new on bones season 5??

Anonymous said...

BONES is BACK for 2 Seasons woooooo hooooooooooo!!!!!!! It's awesome

hudda shea said...

I am new to Bones ~ just watched the first three seasons using Netflix. LOVE IT! Now I'm planning to watch season 4 online, but prefer catching it on tv reruns. Anybody know when season 4 will play again? Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
BONES is BACK for 2 Seasons woooooo hooooooooooo!!!!!!! It's awesome

Where did you get this info???

Erich said...

You can see the confirmation of Bones Seasons 5 & 6 here:

Anonymous said...

Bones is at an end of season 4

on the last ep of season 4 booth comes out of is comar and canot remember any one , he has a deam about eavrybody and his brother tryed to kill bones,,booth and bones were maried in his dream ,and booth was goner kill someone for bones to keep her safe
season 5 will not exist

Anonymous said...

Ohh Yesss There Will Definitely Be A Season 5!! The Shows Too Popular!!

Anonymous said...

booths brother did not try and kill bones he saved her from being killed by someone else and there is definately a season 5 which is said to be out later this year..

Anonymous said...

There will be a season 5 and a season 6. As much as I love the show, i just think that 5 would completely ruin it, there is not much left to do and everyone wants Booth and Bones to hook up for real.

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