Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eric Millegan and Bones Season 4 - Update

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Here is what's been said so far about Eric Millegan's future involvement with Bones.

Hart Hanson - We've not seen the last of him
Eric Millegan - No one is leaving the show
Fox Season 4 release - He is not listed as one of the regular cast members.

So...likely we'll see him from time to time but there's absolutely no way he can return to the role he's always held. Even if they'd rehire him he would never get security clearance to do the job. So... Zaccaroni is gone for good, sadly. But Zack may still be around.

Update: Looks like the 'time to time' is a big IF and probably to be very rare. Very sad.

Bones Forums - Eric has posted his intentions
TVGuide - Has posted a long Q&A


Anonymous said...

You know I've been doing a lot of thinking on the matter and the idea of them not being able to bring Zack back because of "what happened" is just perposteous. You know how many shows have stupid storylines and the end up having to go back and fix them in the end anyways. A lot more than you think. As for myself, i have gone over the episodes with gormagon with a fine tooth comb and trust me, they have made a huge mistake. I have even written a script on it. They could bring him back no sweat. You just have to pay attention to detail and then show them the error of their ways. If that doesn't work, get another favorite show.

Caitlin said...

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Clark said he was gay the first time he was on the show and then when we met Birimbau he said to Hodgins "I don't want to get married. I enjoy dating multiple women."
what's up with that?

Wendy said...

The guy in Intern who said he is gay is NOT Clark. His name was Tyler.

Anonymous said...

Nice, anon! "Get a new favourite show"!. As much as i love zack i would never get a new favourite show!

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