Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eric Millegan posts on the Bones Forums

You can visit the thread here. He made the thread-starting post but hasn't, and probably won't, reply. Still go let him know he's loved!


Hello wonderful members of the Boneyard,
Now that you've seen tonight's episode, you've found out what I found out two months ago. I will no longer be a series regular on "Bones." Creatively, they decided to carry out this storyline in which my character, Zack, was the apprentice to the Gormogon serial killer. The storyline landed Zack in a psychiatric facility and so he is no longer working at the Jeffersonian. This wasn't my choice, but I embraced the challenge as an actor.
Over the last two months, I have been auditioning for some very interesting projects and I will keep you informed as to how it all goes. I'm also planning on bringing my cabaret show to NYC before the year is over. Once the date is set, I will let you know. I want to apologize to all of you for the times, over the last two months, in which I've had to be vague about still working on the show. I know that I told TV Guide that no one was leaving the show and well, you never know, my character is alive and there's always the chance that he could return. Maybe they'll have to visit Zack to help solve a case! I couldn't tell you the whole truth because I was sworn to secrecy by the producers to tell no one about my leaving the show until now. I hated not being able to tell you (it really really sucked) but well, unfortunately, it was my job to keep the secret. There you go. I will really miss being on the show and I will really miss working with my friends David, Emily, Michaela, TJ, John, Tamara, Patricia and company. I loved working with Hart, Stephen, Barry and all the other producers, writers, and directors. I enjoyed working with the crew and it was an honor to be a member of the FOX family for 3 years. From day one, I have read all of your comments every night after every show and it's meant so much to me. You have been my live audience. Thank you.
Eric Millegan


Anonymous said...

BONES writers BLEW IT !

Eric is an INTEGRAL part of the show AND probably the MOST interesting !

If anyone 'needed'? to be dumped it would be SWEETS!

It is soooo stupid of the writers to *contrive* such an ending. Not only does it 'not play' but it diminishes any drama for the show. A true CHEAP SHOT, if I do say so.

Hopefully, enough people will petition for Eric to return and the writers will get *back on track*.

Dumb Dumb Dumb...

Hurry back ERIC !!!!!

A disgruntled Bones fan

Anonymous said...

This really sucks. What a dumb ending to a weird story arc. I am very disappointed.

Louise said...

I felt so sad reading that. This poor guy has basically been sacked from a job he clearly loved ... not because of a problem with him, but as a plot device.

How good of him to take the time to write to the fans, during what must be a strange time for him. And how sweet that he feels guilty for leading us astray ... no need Eric!

tanvi said...

?! i am so sad...he was my favorite...why couldn't they just have sweets be evil. why zack.

Snowy said...

Wow...all i can say is they had better visit zack A LOT!

CreepyScuz said...

I'm very sorry to see you go Mr Millegan, you were my favourite character. Those of us who aren't tragically hip could really relate to Dr Addy. I'm sorry to see him go, tough I'd like to see your character return, in a Hannibal Lecter in Silence Of The Lambs-like capacity.
Thanks for all those memorable Bones moments, & I guess we'll be seeing you in the movies

KAT said...

Throwing Zachoroni to the Gormogon serial killer is just wrong. Zach's character completes the chemistry of this fantastic cast. When will the writers "wake up" from this nightmare and

Anonymous said...

I agree with many, Eric Millegan should return as a regular. Isn't the 'same' without him or his character.

Anonymous said...

Unreal, I have seen a lot of really "dumb" episodes of good shows but this did not even begin to make sense.It was like they hurried up and threw something together.I had to rewatch it on DVD just to make sure it really was as dumb as I remembered.He did'nt come close to their "profile" Still baffled.

Anonymous said...

I worked nights and couldn't keep up on BONES! When I finally did see the season 3 finale I cried like a baby! Eric kept me laughing - he put the humor in the show. Not to mention he reminded me of my 13 year old son who has Aspergers Syndrom.. It was so refreshing to watch Eric play his role as Zack who only dealt with logic and proof. I am not thrilled with the "new" assistants. The story line was left opened to bring him back if the writers would get off their butts and bring him back. For now I hope you at least keep bringing him back for help on cases.. I am NOT happy with the new assistants.

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