Thursday, May 1, 2008

Forum Watch: Why will Booth and Bones make it longterm?

Elroy, at the official Bones forums has posted that question: Why will Booth and Bones make it longterm?

"Have you guys ever given much thought to the reasons that you believe B & B are one of those forever and for always kind of couples? Or, do you believe as some, that what they have is merely unrequited physical attraction run amok?"

Elroy has a very long, well thought out post as to why they are a forever couple and I really enjoy ItalianBones reply:

I agree 100% with you.

Here I am a living example: my husband and I have different religions, we come from different countries and our mother tongues are different, he loves water and sailing, I love mountains and skiing, I love movies and he hates TV, he's rational I am emotional, I love chocolate and he hates it.. should I go on?

Still we are happily married for 6 years and love doing things together.. think of all the great opportunities we are giving to our children, bilingual and learning so many different things, and we can always give so much to each other, a world from a different point of view.

It's plenty of fun if there is a deep respect for our diversities.

Ah, yes we met on the work place, we were part of the same team... ;-)"

My husband and I also have so many differences and yet we not only work, but we thrive. Differences keep things interesting and new!


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