Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hart Hanson Interview Article

It seems you can't avoid spoilers at all. As I sorta, okay seriously, idolize Hart Hanson I had to read an article about the interview he did yesterday. (It sounds like a conference call with multiple reporters a la what David Boreanaz did in April.) It does, however, have a few spoilers. Nothing big - we don't find out when Booth and Bones will finally make the leap or exactly 'Who is Gormogon?'


• Hart doesn’t want the show to move to Friday any more than its fans do: “I hope [the Fox Winter 2009 schedule] is another Bones is moving to Friday joke. I’m cranky about it on a whole bunch of levels. We are a very good pairing with House, so to be split up from them bugs me. I can see what the network is doing. I see their reasoning. I just don’t like it.”
• Dream guest star for season four? Miss Britney Spears, herself. Well, not really, but Hart jokes that after the magic she worked on How I Met Your Mother’s ratings, she might be just what Bones needs -- though he's proud to share that Bones is one of the only shows to actually gain viewers post-strike: “Our audience is following us. It’s gratifying."

As one who hated the American Idol bit, ratings or not...Just say no to Britney Spears! Just be a great show, as always.

You can see the full article here.

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