Monday, May 19, 2008

Hart Hanson Interview - Different Source

EW has posted their review of the interview with Hart Hanson from last week. It's the same interview used for this post, and this post, but I give you everything I can find that might give a slightly different piece of here you go!


In the wake of this season, how much will the often-lauded chemistry between the characters drive the show forward?
I was just talking to David about this the other day. He constantly agitates for less procedure and more character moments. And I keep telling him, in my view, we have to balance them because we cannot become a soap opera. We have to solve a crime, an interesting crime, which gives us the ability to go off on tangents and have the characters in comic moments. And that's a constant balancing game for us and we talk about it all the time. Are we leaning too far one way or another? Yes, I agree with David that the chemistry, and characters and comedy are, I think, what keep people coming back for more, but if we get too self-indulgent with that, we will end up with one of the soft shows that loses viewers over time instead of keeping them coming back. But your guess is as good as mine because it's an ongoing process. Let me know how you think we're doing.

When the identities of the Gormogon killer and his apprentice are revealed, are you concerned about the fan reaction?
Hart Hanson: I'm counting on it. We're expecting a violent reaction. When you make a change to a beloved ensemble cast, it's a good thing and a bad thing. You lose someone but you've got to make changes and keep it alive. The kiss of death is to keep adding characters without making room for them because everyone is underserviced.

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ADDhole said...

Goodbye, Zach (Eric Millegan) [sniff]
This is going to suck. I think Eric will be back for only occasional guest appearances.

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