Monday, May 19, 2008

Hart Hanson Interview - MSN

Each article featuring the Hart Hanson interview session from last week is slightly different. Here is another one.

What did you want to accomplish in finishing this season and starting next year?
HH: going into our fourth season it’s time to make a few changes to shake things up. Although we’re light hearted about it every once in a while you feel the necessity to acknowledge that it’s a murder show and that world is going to touch your characters.
(can we say "Oh, no...")

Can you tell us if Eric Millegan will be returning as a regular cast member in Season 4?
HH: I shouldn’t tell you that! [Laughs.] Let me say this, we haven’t seen the last of Eric Millegan.
(Oh yay?)

At this point Bones is a much a romantic comedy as it is a murder show? How much was planned and how much evolved?
HH: From the very beginning it was going to be an amusing character driven murder show. There’s not the same rush to solve the murder, it’s not immediate. It wasn’t going to be a CSI. David and Emily had that thing you cannot manufacture and once we wrote to that you could see, around the time someone was eaten by a bear we hit our stride in how touching and romantic this show could be with those two going out in the world.

Is there any pride in being the show that can go anywhere and be successful or would you rather be left somewhere to grow?
Hart Hanson: I would rather we grow. We’re good at hanging onto the eyes that come to our show. Not so much pride as gratitude, but our audience just keeps following us. I’ve heard that we’re the only show that came back from the strike and went up in viewers. Everyone else has been down by double digit percentages. That’s just our viewers finding us and watching us.

Okay, okay. I'll stop there and leave you guys something to read when you go to the article.

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