Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hart Hanson - on the fan reaction to The Pain in the Heart

"In my interview with exec producer Hart Hanson, Hanson said he was expecting a "violent reaction" from fans. But here he further explains why they chose to make Zack the apprentice: "We had gone pretty much as far as we could with that character. There’s an opportunity with that character to bring in a number of people. We’re not replacing him with a single character. We’re going have a bunch of people coming in and out and that gives us a bunch of opportunities in the lab for humor and stories."

"Hopefully this isn't really a goodbye to Eric Millegan, who is actually a good friend of Hanson's. "We’re looking for ways to have him back as a guest star from time to time. We love the guy," says Hanson. "But you know, best laid plans. Eric’s a very talented guy and for all we know will be starring on Broadway and that will be that. I wish that for him but not too much."

I got this 2nd hand via the Anti-Boneyard, referencing the official forums for the post. I'll try to find the official link soon.


Gary said...

"We had gone pretty much as far as we could with that character. "

I don't buy that. A good writer can transform characters. They had three years, more like 2.5 with the strike, to change that character in someway.

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