Saturday, May 3, 2008

Interview with Eric Millegan at has a nice interview with Eric Millegan from October of 2007. In it he talks about his love of theatre, the challenges of playing the same role year after year, and what he wants for his character. A few excerpts:

Has it been challenging to play the same character for three seasons?

Yeah, it’s a challenge. The show becomes a formula. You know your part on the show and sometimes you just want to break out and play a different character. But that’s what a hiatus is for. Between season 1 and 2 I shot a movie. I did an operetta during the Christmas break last season and this season I’m hoping to put together a Cabaret.

Where would you like to see you character go this season?

I’d love for Zack to get a love interest. But I don’t know if the writers are ever going to go in that direction. But I think the audience wants it, so we’ll have to see how long the writers can hold off on that.

Can you talk about your character’s relationship with Booth?

At the very end of the season premiere, Booth says he’ll take my character our for drinks, but we have yet to see that scene. I would have loved to play that scene. There’s a really great scene between the two of us coming up in the episode we’re just shooting [episode 8], so stay tuned for that.


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