Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Semi-Spoilers for The Pain in the Heart

'On the set of the 'Bones' Finale' is a semi-spoilery read about The Pain in the Heart. It really doesn't reveal anything that isn't commonly known or easily deduced from the official release pictures for The Pain in the Heart. But if you're die-hard anti-spoilers you might want to skip it.

Some non-spoilery bits:

Eric Millegan, on the yet-to-be-revealed mystery of what he character went through in Iraq: "In the first episode we found out that I didn't quite fit in and I was sent home early, but we didn't know much more than that and I actually asked Stephen Nathan, one of our executive producers, at the beginning of the season 'Is there anything you could give me, that maybe I could play?' And he was like, 'You've been to Iraq. And now you're back.' That was his instruction for me. In other words, it was something I was going to learn more about as the season went along. And we'll cover it. All in due time."

Deschanel, on being asked to sing in last week's episode: "I was not great, but I can carry a tune usually. Sometimes I go off key a little bit. It was and terrifying at the same time, which good. It was good to face fears..."

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