Thursday, May 22, 2008

Most Recorded TV shows - Bones in the top 15

TIVO has released it's list of the most recorded TV shows and TVSquad brings us the info.

I was going to title this post "What are the most DVR'd TV shows?" but wasn't sure if DVR'd is a real word or not. And did I even spell it right?

Anyway, the list of the top 15 recorded shows for the past year has been released, and there are little or no surprises on it. Grey's Anatomy tops this list with 3.78 million viewers, while the Tuesday edition of American Idol comes in a close second with 3.73 million. Full list after the jump!

1. Grey's Anatomy (+3.78 million)
2. American Idol - Tues (+3.73 million)
3. House - Tues (+3.49 million)
4. House - Mon (+3.45 million)
5. Lost (+3.42 million)
6. American Idol - Weds (+3.38 million)
7. Heroes (+2.91 million)
8. CSI (+2.80 million)
9. Desperate Housewives (+2.69 million)
10. The Office (+2.52 million)
11. Survivor: China (+2.35 million)
12. Survivor: Micronesia (+2.28 million)
13. Criminal Minds (+1.97 million)
14. Private Practice (+1.95 million)
15. Bones - Mon (+1.90 million)

(The + denotes how many viewers each show gained from DVR recording.)

I guess I do see one surprise, the fact that Bones is in the top 15. I would have thought that some other buzz-worthy show would make it's way into the usual American Idol / House / Grey's Anatomy / Survivor mix.

-Don't underestimate Bones! Bones never drops off the 'Most Popular' list on Hulu and has more viewers than many 'Buzz-worthy' shows.

Thanks to the ever-awesome Marymageli at The Anti-Boneyard for this tip and a couple others this morning!


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