Monday, May 19, 2008

The Pain in the Heart - First Thoughts

Please, post yours in comments! I'm not really sure what mine are yet. This episode had everything that makes Bones great...sadness, joy, love, sexual tension, drama, fear, murder, and a good mystery.

Sadness and shock are winning at the moment for me.

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Lisa said...

I agree with the thoughts of sadness and shock. I can't even think coherently enough to form adequate thoughts.

It was definitely a thriller. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be wiping at what appear to be permanent tears.

Amanda said...

I still am not sure about my opinion on this episode. I really liked it but what's going to happen with Zach next season? When Zach was talking about where he thought "The masters" house I was worried it could have been Hodgins. I have a very bad cold, I'm obviously not thinking clearly ;-)

I was very happy to see Booth alive and Brennan and Booth's "heart to heart" (aka: bickering) moments this episode where very cute.

I just can't wait intill next season

ADDhole said...

The show is preparing for more concentration on the crime solving aspects to begin next season. Everyone is going to be dealing with the loss of a loved friend and colleague and each will be excusing or blaming themselves and it will affect the work environment. Mistrust is still going to be an issue. The suspicions while looking for Gormogon, the betrayal of Bones and Booth by Sweets, the fact Booth didn't tell Brennan the truth . . . all the players are going to tighten up their game for a while before they bond even tighter afterward. No Zach means Bones staying in the lab, again?

IceCube said...

I started worrying about Zack's status on the show when they brought in Sweets - two comic relief characters would have been a bit much, but I never thought back then that it would culminate in this. Sadness and shock definitely, but that's what makes Bones great. And I loved the end with all of them in shock and then the very end with Booth and Brennan. Here's to next season.

Anonymous said...

My predictions are that the writers and producers are going to choose to take a step backwards in the show for season 4. In the fourteenth episode of season 3, Booth was shot by a psycho stalker named Pam to protect Brennan once again. Then in the season 3 finale a whirlwind of events occurred all leading up to the killing of Gormogan, thanks to the help of his apprentice, who turned out to be Zach. Each of the stories used on Bones are based upon the stories of writer Kathy Reichs. I believe the opening of season 4 will show that the entire season 3 finale will have been a dream of an injured Booth, who will awake to find it all an illusion.

Wendy said...

I would be extremely upset if they did that.

But I'm very sure they won't based on a lot of information that's out there. Nice thought for those missing Zack. But it is NOT happening.

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