Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Pain in the Heart - Promo Video

Here is a Youtube upload of the promo video for The Pain in the Heart Bones Season 3 finale.

What did Cam not see coming?
Who could cause every security camera to fail?
How will Brennan deal with the emotions of nearly losing Booth? (again, not spoilerish. You can't have Bones without David Boreanaz!)

My thoughts?
1 - on that one I have no clue. She is leaving Zack's room though, it appears.
2 - I think I know but that would definitely be spoilerish. Highlight if you want to see my thought. Bancroft, reference The Intern in the Incinerator.
3 - I think...badly :( At least for a time. I really want it to bring them instantly closer together. I think she'll get emotional when he wakes up and then cut herself off and have to work through it.

Waiting for Hulu to put up the stream and for work to allow me the time to rewatch and then I'll have my full review up.

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Anonymous said...

I think that zac is somehow connected w/ gormogon, and that booth and bones are actually going to get together in the episode. And its true, u can't have bones w/ out david.

Anonymous said...

its funny but has anyone ever thought that "sweets" could be the gormogon? i honestly think he is. He seems reasonable becuase he is all about the phsycology of people and has been studying bones and booth for a while now. and when we saw the episode where they find who the old gormogon killer was and the end of that episode the one he was teaching kills the guy from inside his closet i could have sworn that was "sweets" who did it. just sayin...its food for thought...

Anonymous said...

i was thinking it was sweets at first but know i think it is zack. they keep bringing back clark edision and he figured out the laser light thing of where gormogon was watching them. hodgens is to obvious so i dont think it is him even though he knows alot about gormogon.

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