Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Pain in the Heart - Quotes

I'm a bit behind on this promised post. Sorry! I usually include these sprinkled throughout my reviews but the review for The Pain in the Heart was very sad this time and the quotes are mostly funny so it just didn't fit.

What quote(s) stood out to you?

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Brennan: That woman was aiming at me. I would have happily taken that bullet.

Brennan: If there were a merciful God, why wouldn't he have saved Booth?

Hodgins: National Security. A catch-all phrase for 'We do anything we want.'

Brennan: Just know, I won't be attending your next funeral.

Booth: Hot tub plus cold beer equals warm beer. Hat equals solution.

Brennan: We've been partners for 3 years, Booth, and you've broken protocol before. Sometimes putting my life in danger. Which makes perfect sense because you clearly don't have any real concern for me.
Booth: I took a bullet for you.
Brennan: Once. That only goes so far.

Booth: Next time I die, I promise I will tell you.

Cam: A toothless cannibal just can't cut it in today's competitive serial killer environment.

Booth: This is my house. You come into my house there's no telling what you're going to hear.

Booth: What do you wear in the tub, floaties?

Hodgins: Do I hear a little 'tude, young man?

Booth: Slug him. (over and over)

Sweets: You know, I think it's interesting psychologically how Agent Booth's constant efforts to persuade you to enjoy fruit pie could be interpreted as a kind of seduction.
Booth: Whatever you two are talking about just stop it.

Brennan: If Booth hears what you did, he'd beat you up.
Sweets: Don't you think that'd be an overly aggressive act?
Brennan: Not at all.

Sweets: You have a reverence for life that belies the cold calculations of a killer, and the emotional connection you share with Agent Booth...

Booth: Don't you know by now you can't rush her?

Sweets: This is fierce wretched.

Hodgins: He's scared of polka dots but screaming agony is just an interesting phenomenon.

Zack: I'm afraid the painkillers, while pleasant, dull my intellect.
Hodgins: Sometimes your friend's gotta step in...dumb it up for you.

Grad Student: I'm third in my class.
Brennan: I'd like the names of the two students in front of you.

Booth: Sweets, you're going to give this one to Bones.

Cam: You know what? To hell with Zack. He's an adult. He made his choices. People are who they are. There's nothing any of us could have done for the guy.

Cam: I knew the day I met Zack he'd cause me pain.

Angela: Brennan, he totally loved you. I mean, as much as he was capable.

Booth: I think you gave him something great, Bones.


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