Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Pain in the Heart - Spoiler Photos

They shouldn't really be spoiler photos but must be considered that since they most definitely answer the question left by the end of 'The Wannabe in the Weeds.' Not that anyone who watches Bones thinks for a moment that Booth could die... Sorry Emily Deschanel, but you ever lose David Boreanaz and you lose the show. Just a fact. But anyway...

Here are the official release photos for "The Pain the Heart" which is the Season 3 finale and airs next Monday night, May 19th.

I refrained from posting the 'spoilery' ones. But you can see them and the entire set at this link.

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bones lover said...

Sorry Emily Deschanel, but you ever lose David Boreanaz and you lose the show...

I think the exact same thing applies

If this show ever lose Emily Deschanel, the show will be gone too.

Bones is all about Emily David connection

Evi said...

Absolutely true, bones lover! The show would end either way.

I do think though, that it would be easier to spin Booth into a new environment than Bones. She's hard to connect to and many of the connections we get to her character are through Booth.

Either way...don't want to lose either! The connection between the 2 of them is why I watch this great show.

doris said...

I don't think that Brennan is hard to connect to. I really like the character.

Booth is a great character. He's written well, though I couldn't believe that susch a seasoned FBI agent would be played so by a woman who is seriously disturbed.

That sort of hubris doesn't make sense to me because, however much a character like Booth might discount the analysis of Sweets, his own experience should have been brought in to play and changed his actions...

Of course, that would have been a different show.

I would find it hard to watch the show if either character left - for any reason.

I would only watch it if both characters left and we got to watch Dr. Cam Saroyan lead the team with a new sidekick. It would be a totally different show, but I think that character could grow into a lead pretty well.

On the other hand, I would watch a show with Deschenal and Boreanz (sp?) in leads but not together because they are good and nice to look spend an hour with every week.

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