Monday, May 19, 2008

Q&A with Hart Hanson

Lynn at SearchingBones was one of the fortunate few able to participate in a conference call last Friday with Hart Hanson. She has posted the first part here.

Most of what's there has been seen in the other articles I've posted so far but here's a different bit:

L. DeVries: I’ve wanted to ask you this for a long time. What came first, the idea to make a series out of Kathy Reich’s books or the need to find a good idea on which to base a series about an oddly matched investigative team?

H. Hanson: That’s a really good question. I have always been looking for a project that would allow me to do what I get to do on Bones. As in I’ve pitched things similar over the years and I’ve written a couple of pilots that didn’t get done. To be honest - I’ve told this story before - I came to the Bones project because I bailed, I had another project going with the studio and it just wasn’t going to work out and I left them in the lurch. And 20th Century Fox has been very good to me and I felt I owed them a pilot. So they sent me to Barry Josephson because he had optioned actually a two-hour documentary, an A&E documentary on Kathy Reichs. And I did not know her books. If I hadn’t felt beholden to the studio I wouldn’t have done it, because at first blush it looked like they wanted CSI, a forensics show, and that was not going to be my strength.

But as I watched the documentary and felt beholden to 20th, Gary and Dana, that I owed them something for investing in me. So it happened that way. I bent toward the procedural and bent that procedural towards what I liked to do, which is kind of the goofiness and character and humor of Bones, and of course that’s the thing that got made into a pilot, and of course that’s the thing that got on the air. So it was more, sort of like finding David and Emily, it was finding me and this project. I would like to say I did it totally on purpose and had a plan right from the beginning, but really I owed some people.

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