Friday, May 2, 2008

SAG/AFTRA Negotiations with the AMPTP

Bones is feverishly filming through the end of June before taking their summer break, giving them a head start on next seasons episodes. This gives them a nice block of episodes put away for a rainy day, or rainy season, which is forecast to begin at that time. What is this rainy day?

The AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) and the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) are currently in the midst of negotiations to hammer out a new contract and avoid a strike (a la the writers) when the current contract runs out at the end of June. Negotiations began April 15th and as yet no resolution has occurred.

To complicate matters, AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) is also lined up to negotiate with the AMPTP separately. They issued the following statement:

AFTRA Agrees to Postpone Start of Primetime TV Talks
The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists issued the following statement regarding the primetime television contract negotiations scheduled to begin April 28:

"At the request of the AMPTP, AFTRA has agreed to postpone the commencement of its primetime television negotiations until May 5. The AFTRA Negotiating Committee would like to give the negotiations already underway between the AMPTP and the Screen Actors Guild a chance to succeed, and while AFTRA is ready to begin negotiations now, we believe we can best serve our members' interests by briefly postponing our negotiations. AFTRA remains focused on achieving important gains for our members."

In the past, these 2 groups negotiated together for contract disputes. This puts pressure on the SAG negotiations to wrap up, well, today.

For the Actor's sake, I hope this is resolved quickly. For Bones, sake, I hope so too! I'm glad that Bones is scheduled to film up to the end of the current contract, just in case. But I'll be honest, until this past year I didn't give a whit about contract negotiations and what have you. So both caring and understanding are new to me here. If I post something incorrect or get something wrong in my analysis, please comment or email me! I'll gladly defer to the more knowledgeable on this but I still want to make sure to keep this blog well updated with the latest news.


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