Monday, May 12, 2008

Should Bones and House do a crossover with Stephen Fry?

Possibly the biggest guest star fan favorite throughout Bones history is Gordon-Gordon, the wonderful Season 2 psychiatrist, played by Stephen Fry, who played dress-down with Booth. They wanted someone who had a bigger presence than David Boreanaz (not easy to do mind you) and could go 'toe to toe' with him. They found it in Stephen Fry.

Since then both fans and show insiders alike have longed for his return, but alas Mr. Fry seems far too busy. Could this idea work for him?

House has started growing on me and it would definitely interest me personally to see Gordon-Gordon on House. But even if they went with an entirely new character for him you simply can't go wrong in adding Stephen Fry to the cast, even temporarily. I'd love to see him make time for a spot on Bones and House!

Discovery credit to Willgirl.


Gary said...

No, I don't like House

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