Monday, May 19, 2008

A slow Bonesday? Never!

Turns out it's 10 am here and I already have 3 things to share with you.

Over at, Matt Roush gives a nice nod to Bones in his Q&A.

Question: Bones has had some wonderful episodes, but none have touched me quite as much as the May 5 "The Verdict in the Story" episode. I think the writers, who had so far done an outstanding job of developing the storyline about Temperance's father and the murder trial, outdid themselves this time. I had no idea how they were going to come to a resolution that would satisfy both mercy and justice, but they did! Speaking of which, Ryan O'Neal brought his "A" game to his character, giving a nuanced performance that was a joy to behold. What always impresses me, though, is the interaction between Booth and Temperance. I think their budding romance is one of the most believable relationships on television. David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are fantastic — who knew they were funny, too? The actors and writers have completely sold me on those two characters. Their growth — from having a strictly professional interaction to one of increased admiration, then to friendship and affection and finally onto an obvious physical attraction that is simmering with restrained passion — is the kind that comes from a full relationship and not just from lust. I think this is one fantastic show, and I truly wish more people would give it a shot. What do you think? — Berta

Matt Roush: For quite a while, I've maintained that Bones is my favorite among the many network procedurals. I love the ensemble, the humor, and the chemistry between the leads. The "Verdict" episode was a standout, in part because it spotlighted the strong relationship between Bones and everyone on her team, both squints and feds. And as Temp's dad, Ryan O'Neal hasn't been this well used in ages. The Bones-House combo, currently on Mondays, is one of Fox's greatest and most reliably enjoyable assets. They're being split up next season so J.J. Abrams' Fringe can take advantage of the House lead-in, but Bones should do fine on Wednesdays. And while I'm sure Bones' fans will react in alarm to the news that for the umpteenth time, Fox is threatening to move Bones to Fridays at midseason (part of the inevitable American Idol schedule shuffle), lots can change between now and then. No need to fret just yet.


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