Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So, lets compile a list...

...of every plot piece you feel they never wrapped up. It is a bad habit on Bones that they have something happen, like The Kiss, and then never talk about it again.

The list so far. Please comment with more!

-The Kiss
-Brennan's second shooting
-Max's other murder
-Max's robberies (Isn't there a statute of limitations?)
-Gravedigger (he's supposed to be back next season. Was supposed to be in this one actually)
-the grandfather who got Brennan out of foster care
-the 'rolled up in a carpet' skeleton from the beginning of Verdict in the Story

Icecube: What are you referring to with the betrayal on the stand? Season 1? If so, that's along the same lines of what Brennan said this week to Sweets decision not to tell her. It was a professional decision that Booth made to win the case. She accepted it. If you mean Verdict she really betrayed him by forcing him to incriminate her.
L: I think they have purposely given us all we'll know about the funeral bad guy.
Amanda: I like your thoughts on where Cullen is. Would be nice to think of him doing something for his daughter like that.
Icecube: I don't remember an unknown skeleton in Verdict.


IceCube said...

Booth betraying Brennan on the obviously affected both of them and poof! nothing

Why Gormogon went from eating a part of his victims - the finger of the violinist, the knees of the bishop - to eating all of the lobbyist.
Also, how they get away with Zack confessing to murdering the lobbyist since it just irks me - clearly the same person who held the kid under the water killed the lobbyist and suddenly that's Zack? I find it hard to believe that the same person who can't drive because he is too logical about car structure can speed around on a motorcycle and purposely risk Brennan's life when he couldn't risk Hodgins mere months later. But that may be a whole other rant.

ADDhole said...

"Sully" (Agent Sullivan), and Max's bank robberies are the two others that immediately come to mind.

L said...

Well the murder of the FBI director is still up for grabs. They've never unequivocally determined whether Max really was the killer, so... But I kind of like that still open-ended coz I want them to go back to it in the next season. :)

I definitely want some closure for Goodman. Dammit!

Also, who was that guy Booth had to fake his death to draw out? (And why did he come to the funeral?) He was completely random. Wish there was some backstory or tie-in with that.

Snowy said...

The Grave Digger! C'mon people! I hope he's the BB for season 4

@ icecube: At the whole motorcycle thing, yer right but it wasn't Zack. The Master had intended to kill the corrupter but when he failed because they barged in on him, he fled. Later, Zack was instructed to hide in the closet and kill him. If you watch the chase scene during which the 'man in black' holds the kid underwater, he has a very different body structure than Zack. Plus, Booth said something along the lines of I watched him chocking a child at the bottom of a pool, and Zack would have said something like 'That wasn't him'

Also, about eating the people, he eat all of them *why waste the meat* but only added one piece to the skeleton.

What i really don't get is how Zack thought being the apprentice would do anything...after three months he had to have decided he wouldn't actually eat anyone, but hen the Master retired that would leave Zack to be the new Master and create his own skeleton...He would have to betray his morals and eat someone at some-point. he should have realized that.

IceCube said...

@snowy - more the fact that they clearly weren't planning that far back on having zack be the apprentice since it's a different actor that jumps out of the closet - but I did go back and watch it to see that I was mistaken - I knew that motorcycle guy was gormogon but had my details fuzzy on who jumps out of the closet - didn't think it was the apprentice.

The eating people thing comes from the same episode where the vicar isn't eaten in his entirety and both Booth and Brennan make it a point to let the Archbishop know that gormogon only ate part of him - his kneecaps

Amanda said...

In my world Cullen is working at the Make a Wish Foundation (or cancer research/charity of your choice) after his daughter died.

HH has stated the Gravedigger will be addressed-- and would have been in S3 had it not been for the strike.

Actually, instead of the rumored "what could have been" alternate reality episode, I'd like to see a backstory ep on several of the characters ("Prison Break" did this I think in their 2nd season). I'd like a little more on Zack's time in Iraq, Booth's time as a sniper (and possibly his gambling days), Hodgin's family, some of Angela's globe trekking, Cam's life as a cop (why be a cop for 10 years and then go into forensics, or was there more to it??), and OF COURSE-- Brennan's Grandfather who got her out of the foster system (and was only ever mentioned in the Pilot, then later we learn she has no family save Russ!).

IceCube said...
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IceCube said...

~ the skeleton in a circle from verdict in the story

Also @Snowy because apparently today is rewatch old episodes of Bones day - in the first season Man in the Bear, Brennan herself admits that she doesn't know whether or not she would eat human flesh for the purpose of scientific inquiry, so it is possible to me that Zack wouldn't have a problem with the consumption of human flesh as a rational thought. Morals are largely individual and so would have been taken care of by the first principle he believed in.

L said...

WAmanda - Kind of like what Torchwood did (in S2's 'Fragments'). Yeah, I would like an ep like that!

Amanda said...

I think the skeleton icecube is referring to from Verdict is the one in the teaser... the one Booth suggested could have been rolled up in a carpet, inciting Brennan to crack up.

(I did not know she could laugh....)

Evi said...

Oh, duh. Gotcha. I'll add it to the list.

IceCube said...

Yeah, I meant the skeleton from the teaser in Verdict, and I think I meant to type Booth being forced to betray Brennan on the stand from Verdict, basically yes that he was forced to incriminate her.

Anonymous said...

sorry to kinda interrupt this conversation you are having here, but booth doesn't betray bones in the "Verdict" episode. remember that bones asks whether the jury can be manipulated or whatever? that's what she wants, because if the case is about to be closed, and she gives the jury one last option for the murderer, it would confuse them. Also, it's pretty clear what she's trying to do when booth says "i see what's going on"(sorry,not the exact words), because he clearly knows that brennan is doing it for her father, even though she still thinks he's the killer. just had to say that...:]

Amanda said...

Something that occurred to me this afternoon while watching "The Woman in Limbo."

Brennan's BF David shows up in "Two Bodies in the Lab" but we don't see him again until Limbo. Many weeks have passed--long enough for Booth to recover from his injuries, Brennan to heal up from her broken wrist (MiTM), etc. Yet we never see any of the interaction with David like we saw with Sully (or Booth and Cam, for that matter).

While we learn later that Brennan dated a guy she met on the internet that turned out to be a recruiter for a cult (may or may not be David, but I'll just go with David being the cult guy), I have a new issue. Why don't we see anything from this months-long relationship, but we got Sully crammed down our throats?

I guess I'll just have to live with the thought that we didn't see the Brennan/David dynamic since it didn't seriously interfere with the noncouple the way the Brennan/Sully or Booth/Cam storylines did.

Anonymous said...

I think the skeleton at the beginning of "Verdict" was sort of a joke. They never intended to tell that story. The writers, knowing they were going to focus on the trial, and not let Bones work on anything else, started the show with a skeleton in an absurd position. We're supposed to be disappointed, just like Brennan, to not ever know what happened.

Akasha said...

Hey everyone!!!
I for once missed apart from Brennan dealing with the effects of Booths "death" and beeing buried alive (we only saw a bit of Hodgins feelings there, none really from Brennan) to see them dealing with Booth being taken in The Killer In The Concrete, that was kind of wraped up too quickly for me.
I agee with missing Cullen, Goodman and Sid (why the dinner all of a sudden - not that i wouldnt love those intense conversations) completely, but for me also Gordon Gordon was gone very suddenly (a siple hint from Sweets at the beginning of Season 3 "im replacing Dr.Wyatt cause he went back to UK to teach the english how to build barbecue machines" would be enough.
But on the bright side - maybe we will still see some of the scenes we miss so badly in the new seasons - flash backs of Brennan after Booths "death" or somehing similar...
(Btw. im from Europe and we just had Pain in the Heart yesterday, so might be that you guys have seen something from above in the 4th season which i havent)

Anonymous said...

The aftermaths of what Professor Shi Jon Chen tells Brennan in boneless :

"You used to be dedicated to a much larger, timeless, truth. Now you're just a tool for those who have smaller concerns."

She seems stunned.

kba said...

Yes, yes! that comment by her anthropologist colleague was begging for Brennan introspection!

I also would like to see some tie in to some of Booth's lines--particularly:

After Sully leaves and Booth is walking Brennan down the pier, there is a comment about Brennan never vomiting and Booth says "Everything happens if you wait long enough" (which of course refers to all sorts of things!) --I can imagine several scenes where that comment gets recalled as prophetic....

And in one episode Brennan complains that Booth "keep letting [her] hug him" when she is scared. He says something along the lines of "well, some time when I'm scared you can hug me". Now I haven't see season 4 yet (no TV reception or cable :-[ ...did this happen before Booth's surgery?? Did he confess to being scared?

Cheryl said...

@kba no Booth never confesses to being scared & he didn't take the aforementioned hug when he was but c'mon did u see his eyes? He was so clearly scared & so clearly wanted & needed Bren with him. He asks her to stay in the OR with him & he holds her hand as she's walking with the team wheeling him to the surgery.

I want to see Jasper & the Brainy Smurf Booth got her! We see the Bobby he got from Scotland Yard on his desk. I'm now secretly hoping she keeps them in her house somewhere but show them to me plz.

And what was the reason Booth said "That's hot" in the Woman in the Sand when he was zipping up her dress?

Andy was practically her godson for several days & Booth was trying to get her to go back & visit him (which, he claimed, would require that she build a house with a big screen plasma & of course that she take him with her & allow him to watch the game while eating her 7 layer dip). A mention of the little guy growin up or his Mom sending a card to Bren since she singlehandedly paid for rebuilding the bridge that's supposed to revive their town's economy would be nice.

And yes...a whole ep to explore Bren thinking Booth was dead would have been awesome.

I wanted to meet Booth's granddad since season 4. What kind of man is this that can keep Booth from suicide? But I get my wish next week :D

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