Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Spoilers - is there a patch for this?

I feel like a smoker who hates smoking but can't quit. The spoilers for Bones have got to go! I don't post the really big ones here. I try to stay focused 1 episode ahead on this blog. But man there are bigtime spoilers out there.

Bones spoiler links for those of you interested. Hopefully by giving them to you I can wash my hands of them!
Bones Spoilers blog on Livejournal
Spoilers forum on The Anti Boneyard
Official forums - spoiler section at the bottom

Future plan:
-Continue posting official video/picture releases for the next upcoming episode.
-If I know of big spoilers I'm going to try not to read them but I'll give links where I know of them.
-Stay as spoiler-free as possible and give you all wild theories and predictions that will invariably, hopefully rarely, but totally off the mark. But I've come to decide that guessing is far more fun and engaging than knowing and twiddling my thumbs waiting for certain scenes. There's something to be said for child-like innocence!

Can I stick to this? It's going to be a looooonnnnnnggg summer.

PS Still working on my Wannabe review, should be up this evening at the latest.


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