Sunday, May 11, 2008

To spoil or not to spoil?

I guess it's a natural progression when you combine an obsession with the vastness of the internet and some solid resourcefulness. Eventually you run out of basic, current information on the show and the cast and you still have a desire for more. Always more. That can lead down a fairly typical path: to spoilers.

But is that a good thing?

I purposely keep this blog focused no more than 1 episode ahead, while on my own I have read things even about next season. I have definitely read some things recently that I wish I hadn't but also a few that make me happy. It's a mixed bag. But I've decided that overall it's best to leave the major spoilers be.

I truly trust that Hart Hanson will eventually deliver on the thing I really want in this show - a truly mature, well tested, long lasting romance between Booth and Bones. I think he's been building to that all along and the main reason keeping it strung out so tensely is that it's a TV show and that's a necessity. I peruse the spoilers hoping to see a sign of that approaching but at the same time afraid I'd see it and thereby ruin the moment when you see Booth look at Bones (and oh man can David Boreanaz do that hungry I'm-aware-of-this-woman-in-a-very-special-way look so well), and visa versa, like we have many times, and suddenly no one spoils it and something clicks. But I digress...

Do you spoil, or do you enjoy the moments as they come?


Eva said...

I prefer no spoilers, but it's really difficult for me to resist when they're right in front of me! I'd be sad about a big spoiler, though...I also watch The Office, which had a similar "they ought to get together...please get together already..." vibe, and I wouldn't have had the same elation during the season 3 finale and season 4 premier if I'd known about it ahead of time. So I'm with you-I want to be wondering every time Booth and Bones have on of those looong glances "is it really going to happen?!"

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