Friday, May 23, 2008

TV Squad - 5 things I learned from TV this week

TVSquad has posted a list of 'Five things I learned from TV this week.'

5. Anyone can be a killer on a TV show, even the good guy. I haven't watched Bones regularly in a while, but even I was shocked that they made (SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER) Zach the apprentice to a serial killer and a killer himself. I think this proves that anyone can be a killer on a TV show. So don't be surprised if they do another Brady Bunch reunion movie and we find out that Peter has been killing hookers since the early 80s.

You can view the entire list here.


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Evi said...


I've been thinking of doing a star site blogroll. I'd be happy to include you and I'd love a return link.

I would email this to you directly but my college French was apparently not meant to last...I have no idea how to contact you one to one.

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