Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who do you think is Gormogon?

Lets have two discussion posts, shall we? The other one will last beyond the season finale but this one is only fun until Monday when we'll get the answer in 'The Pain in the Heart'.

Who do you think is Gormogon and why? Drop us a comment and lets fill the time until we know without a doubt who is the crazy killer.

I'd love to see debate in comments but whether you're willing to wade into that or not there is now a poll on the left that will stay open at least through the start of Pain in the Heart. (Edit: I can't believe I forgot to put Clark on the poll list...)

Please: No spoilers


ADDhole said...

Although I would love to be King of the Lab, this morning, I'm going to have to go with, Hodgins, and say I suck at this.

I will start with who I have eliminated from being Gormagon - It's not Zack and it's not Sweets.

Now that I've narrowed it down to everyone else it will be so much easier to figure out who it is!

Although the out-of-left field choice would have to be Brennan's brother, Russ???

L said...

For a long time I was certain it was Sweets. But I had an "epiphany" after the last episode and now I think (well, hope, really) it's Goodman. I'd just love to see him back on the show! Plus that makes it someone we know, but not one of the current core team. Which is a win-win to me. Besides, I really can't see any of the current team members being that secretly twisted/homicidal. (No, not even Zack.)

ADDhole said...

I think I'm letting my objectivity be pushed aside by my like for, Goodman, but, he would be a suitable choice. His background in Archeology would be appropriate. He's got the needed levels of influence and access at the Jeffersonian. Hmmm

I just see the whole secret society world as so . . . Caucasian.

Amanda said...

I'm going with FBI Forensic Tech Geier. I go with my mad skillz at spotting the Red Shirt. And that he had access to a lot of the artifacts, has been around the Jeffersonian, etc. etc. He's the right age, not too young or old. I don't know if his mother is widowed or not, but it's a possibility.

I called my Dad, he and I discussed it last night and he's pulling for it to be Cam since he still doesnt' like her. Mom thinks it's Brennan, but she's just saying that to get us irked and explain why that's just not in the cards.

His first comment about the episode, of course, "Bones is one H*ll of a shot, huh?"

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