Saturday, May 17, 2008

Who is Gormogon?

2 days left to the airing of The Pain in the Heart and then we'll know the answer...but it's fun to keep guessing. It's not a stretch to say that it's good writing, and good security, that it's so unknown this far in the season. I watch NCIS too and the reported death coming on Tuesday has all the gossip completely centered on one person...not so here.

I must admit the poll results (see left) are surprising thus far. The current favorite, no I won't tell you - vote and find out, would definitely be an interesting twist. In fairness I did leave out a few important options

- Clark Edison
- Max
- the father of the dead intern, who's name I'm currently too lazy/busy (you pick) to look up
- FBI Tech Marcus Geier
- Agent Frost, the FBI Bomb Tech that Hodgins fawned over in the Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van

As well as the occasionally suggested:

- Cullen
- Michael Stires

I don't think those last two could possible constitute betrayal of Brennan though, as both have been gone a long time.

Keep voting! And if you have the inclination and a bit of time, drop a comment here, or on the original post, and tell us why you voted as you did.

The answer, if you haven't finished Season 3, can be found here with an explanation here.


Gary said...

It's Angela Montenegro. I couldn't select that option.

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