Monday, May 19, 2008

Wonderful Bones Article

This article on the Canadian Broadcasting Centre website doesn't tell the die-hard fan anything we don't already know: Bones is amazing. It's also different from the typical crime-show pack and that's why it's amazing. The article is still a great read though.

"Bones...succeeds because of its investment in credible characters."

"Unlike the whimsical soapiness of Grey’s Anatomy, where characters routinely humiliate themselves in their pursuit of their One True Love, Bones is about folks whose infatuation with each other plays out through their crush on knowledge. Brennan and Booth’s relationship hinges on intellectual one-upmanship, playful bickering and sexual tension; they’re like a more comedic version of Mulder and Scully."

-Thanks to willi at The Anti-Boneyard!


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