Monday, June 30, 2008 TV Award Poll

The TV Awards voting has been going on for about a week. In case you missed it, Bones is up for "Cast you most want to find your killer." You can vote as many times as you like in the poll and currently Bones has logged over 600,000 votes! We are currently leading with 44% and are 90k ahead of the next competitor. The competition will stay open for awhile though and winners are to be announced 1 month from today. Keep voting!

How many votes do you think Bones will have in the end?

Bones Podcast: Episode 3 unfortunately going to be a delayed a day or two this week while we work out some tech/hosting issues. Lindsey, from ABY, and I will be recording it very shortly though and hope to have it available within a couple of days. We're amazed and grateful for the growing listener crowd and love the feedback!

Remember you can email us at to comment, leave suggestions and feedback, or ask us a question for the Q&A. We're also always open to new fan guests or interviews. Drop us a line!

David Boreanaz: Movie Release

In 2007 David Boreanaz co-starred in a movie that was titled Suffering Man's Charity. It has since been renamed Ghost Writer and seems to finally be heading for DVD this fall. According to the IMDB forums the release date is September 28th and you can view the website here and the trailer here. (Somewhat NSFW warning on that viewing due to imagery.)

King of the Lab - Screencap Trivia

Last week I did a Brennan image...let's see if Booth is any harder!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tvchitchat Poll: Go vote for Bones!

In addition to the ongoing poll for a Award, you can also visit TVchitchat here to show Bones a little love in their poll asking what show you're mostly looking forward to seeing return this fall. Gogo!

Another Lucky Brit with a Bones encounter

Peter Judge, a Morris dancer, writes on his blog of his brief but oh-so-nice encounter with David Boreanaz on location as Bones continues filming in the UK. Click here to read the story. It's always nice to read about how friendly and charming the stars are to everyone.

And's someone who didn't even know what was going on!

Hart Hanson talks about the Season 4 Premier

DarkUFO has an article about a press conference last week where Hart Hanson talked about the Bones Season 4 Premier, Yanks in the U.K. It contains spoilers about the plot and the case so read at your own risk.

Non spoiler-y excerpt on how they ended up in London:

"We worked out a story that seemed to work only in England. Once the network saw the outline they got on board. I'm shocked because the exchange rate is brutal here for us!"

Latest Strike News

Tomorrow SAG and AFTRA contracts with the AMPTP run out. AFTRA has a tentative deal and SAG has been meeting with the AMPTP every day, even indicating willingness to continue to negotiate past the contract expiration but hope doesn't seem high with a strike looking more likely each day.

Within a few days the results of a member vote on the tentative AFTRA contract should be revealed. Leading up to that, SAG and AFTRA are still at odds and big name members of AFTRA are chosing sides and pushing either 'Vote Yes' or 'Vote No' agendas for the contract ratification.

SAG - news releases
AMPTP - no news since June 12th
AFTRA - pushing Yes votes

A great article outlining all the twists and turns related to the situation can be read here.
Another article, from Variety, discussing the talks.

Bones Promo Reggae Song

This isn't new per se, but I don't remember being able to find this complete level of information, including a place you could access the track, last time I checked.

Awhile ago I mentioned a promo being played, advertising the Bones Season 3 reruns over the summer. The music playing isn't something you'd normally associate with Bones. It's a heavy thumping reggae beat. If you happen to be curious about the song (me I'm curious about everything which is why you have so much to read here) I found a place that already did the leg work.

The name of the song is Boom Shot Dis and it was created by 2 guys, Kelly B and Gussy G, who do a lot of production music work. To read the entry I found, go here. To read about the guys themselves you can click here and if you're just interested in hearing the beat you can click here. Warning: It's a bit infectious!

Hart Hanson: Yet another take on Banff

Blogcritics has yet another excellent article on Hart Hanson and his master class at the Banff festival. This one covers some tidbits you've seen and a few you haven't. It's an excellent read and can be found here.


When he was set to work writing the pilot of Bones, he was concerned the studio was expecting a CSI-type show. "They said no, we want your way, meaning soft and squishy. I thought they were lying ... and they were, but not as badly as I thought."

"The bad thing is quite honestly now we're an orphan. We don't belong to anybody. They'd love to replace us if we could just stop having this 9 or 10 million people tune in every week."

- Funny or not Hart, don't even joke about losing viewers!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bones Filming in the UK: New Pictures

Flickr user Emiana has posted new pictures of Bones filming (somewhere) in the UK. Visit her Flickr page here and see many great photographs taken all over the world.

Bones at Comic Con

I've heard rumblings of this for about a week but hesitated to post. This looks more like solid information now so here you go.

It appears that Bones will make an appearance at Comic-Con this July! This article talks about an overall push by Fox to make a big to-do with various shows and this site has a very specific schedule and has Bones listed on Friday July 25th, time unconfirmed.

Comic Con official site
Wiki Description

Emily Deschanel talks Green

Emily Deschanel was one of the stars attending the launch of Karen Dawn's new book Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way we Treat Animals back in May. Here you can watch a video of her, Jorja Fox, and others giving tips on going green and why vegetarianism is such a planet saver. A second video with a very brief soundbite from Emily can be seen on the author's website.

If you are outside of the US and unable to watch the Hulu embed you can view the video here at Access Hollywood's website.

Source: Ecorazzi

Friday, June 27, 2008

Bones in London: Blogger's Lucky Day

A lucky blogger happened upon Bones filming in London a couple of days ago. This is the same location I posted about here, in Greenwich, but they have a couple of different pictures, some great commentary and a very, very brief video. Visit the blog here and see the commentary and video and then poke around a bit. You'll see some fantastic pictures and funny posts!

I must say it's still kinda sad to see people who don't even know the show get so lucky. BUT...hopefully they'll be curious enough to try it out!

Bones filming in Oxford: Pictures here!

David S. emailed me some lovely pictures of Bones filming in Oxford. Enjoy!

Get all your Bones in the UK information HERE

David Boreanaz talks tension with DigitalSpy

David Boreanaz also has a Digitalspy article today. He talks about the sexual tension between the characters being the best aspect of the show. He points out where the show looks for inspiration:

"If you watched Moonlighting in the past, could you remember any case? All you wanted to do was root for them to get into bed"

Full article

Bones in Spain?

Emily Deschanel reveals to DigitalSpy that Bones in London nearly became...Bones in Spain due to financial concerns. That would have made for a very different episode I think! And maybe someday we'll find out how that would play. She adds that she hopes this London trip isn't a one time deal and Spain would be high on her list of other locations.

Full article here.

See Eric Millegan Singing Live

Love to see Eric Millegan singing? Now's your chance! He will be doing cabaret in Arlington, VA on July 24th, 2008 at the Signature Theatre. You can view show information and purchase tickets here

Family Time

Even the hard working Bones stars get a bit of family time. You can see a picture of David Boreanaz and his family around London here.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

More (and some of the same) Images from Bones in London has a gallery of images from Bones filming in London. Many are already linked on this blog (full list here) and some are detailed images of the crime scene. You can see the full gallery from B-B here. Below are a few images I've not shown you before.

Casting News: Birimbau has been found

E!Online is reporting that the elusive Birimbau has finally been found and cast. Sean Blakemore, who has guest starred on many shows, from Days of Our Lives to CSI:NY, will be gracing our screens this fall, as early as the Bones Season 4 Premier, "Yanks in the U.K". You can view his IMDB profile here and many images of him here. Looks like a good fit to me!

Bones makes the weekly top 20 in ratings

For the week ending on June 22, Bones came in at #19 for the weekly ratings and number #18 in that all important 18-49 demo. This would be the showing of "The Soccer Mom in the Minivan" on 6-16-08. Rerun or not, that's fantastic news for this under-rated show.

Overall ratings: Source TVbythenumbers

Rank Shows Net HH RATING (LIVE+SD) HH SHARE (LIVE+SD) # OF HOMES (LIVE+SD) (000) # Viewers (LIVE+SD) (000) 18-49 Rank
1 NBA FINALS ON ABC-GM 6(S) ABC 10.7 19 12,085 16,879 1
2 AMERICA’S GOT TALENT NBC 7.8 13 8,788 12,777 3
3 60 MINUTES (R) CBS 6.2 12 6,947 9,098
4 TWO AND A HALF MEN (R) CBS 5.8 10 6,597 8,948 8
5 SO YOU THINK CN DANCE-THU FOX 5.3 9 6,033 8,871 5
6 SO YOU THINK CN DANCE-WED FOX 5.4 9 6,147 8,855 4
7 DEAL OR NO DEAL 6/17(S) NBC 5.5 10 6,232 8,717 20
8 HOUSE-MON 9P (R) FOX 5.5 9 6,161 8,625 6
9 DEAL OR NO DEAL-WED NBC 5.3 9 6,005 8,337 16
10 HELL’S KITCHEN FOX 5.1 8 5,759 8,253 2
11 DATELINE SUN 9PM NBC 5.5 9 6,214 8,240 13
12 MILLION DOLLAR PASSWORD CBS 5.4 9 6,069 8,199
13 CSI: NY (R) CBS 5.5 10 6,176 8,036
14 CSI: MIAMI (R) CBS 5.5 10 6,228 7,985 21
15 CSI (R) CBS 5.2 9 5,860 7,855 26
16 SMARTER THAN 5TH GRADER FOX 5.1 10 5,752 7,846
17 COLD CASE (R) CBS 4.9 8 5,483 7,250
18 CRIMINAL MINDS (R) CBS 4.9 8 5,496 7,250
19 BONES-MON 8P (R) FOX 4.6 8 5,207 7,135 18
20 BACHELORETTE, THE ABC 4.9 8 5,576 7,047 9

18-49 Demo: Source TVbythenumbers

Rank Shows Net 18-49 Rating 18-49 Viewers (000)
1 NBA FINALS ON ABC-GM 6(S) ABC 6.9 9,036
2 HELL’S KITCHEN FOX 4.0 5,205
6 HOUSE-MON 9P (R) FOX 2.8 3,676
7 FAMILY GUY (R) FOX 2.7 3,593
8 TWO AND A HALF MEN (R) CBS 2.7 3,591
10 MOMENT OF TRUTH FOX 2.4 3,107
13 DATELINE SUN 9PM NBC 2.2 2,934
14 AMERICAN DAD (R) FOX 2.2 2,899
16 DEAL OR NO DEAL-WED NBC 2.2 2,838
18 BONES-MON 8P (R) FOX 2.1 2,802
19 HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (R) CBS 2.1 2,789
20 DEAL OR NO DEAL 6/17(S) NBC 2.1 2,741

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bones in Oxford Friday June 27th?

A poster on the official forums has posted that Bones will be in Oxford on Friday, June 27, 2008. Knowledge supposedly comes from the fact this person will be an extra. Hope it's all true and hope some of you readers get some good shots.

If you do please email them to me at I'll post them and your story!

Edit: Yes, this is supposed to say Friday, the 27th.

Pictures from the Oxford filming can be seen HERE

More Bones in London: Greenwich Pictures

The earlier pictures of Bones filming in London had David Boreanaz, now we see a hint of Emily Deschanel. Looks like they are still in London for now. Wonder when they will hit Oxford?

Edit: As was pointed out to can just see David Boreanaz in the 2nd picture when you open the larger version. He's standing with Creator Hart Hanson and Director/Producer Ian Toynton on the left side.

Source: The Greenwich Phantom

Bones Filming in London: 2 More Pictures

Another Flikr user, bitospud, has posted 2 more images from Bones filming in London.

Many more images of Bones Shooting in London can be seen HERE

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Overnight ratings: Bones rerun falls to 2nd place

For the first two weeks of summer reruns Bones has been winning it's time slot, but it didn't hold last night, which is sad because "The Secret in the Soil" has some of my favorite moments and the case itself is pretty good.

Time Net Show Viewers Live+SD (Millons) 18-49 Rating/Share
8:00 ABC The Bachelorette (8-10p) 7.52 2.5/8

FOX Bones (repeat) 6.40 1.8/6

CBS The Big Bang Theory (repeat) 5.46 1.7/6

NBC American Gladiators 4.91 1.7/6

CW Gossip Girl (repeat) 1.16 0.5/2

Source: TV By the Numbers

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