Friday, June 27, 2008

Bones filming in Oxford: Pictures here!

David S. emailed me some lovely pictures of Bones filming in Oxford. Enjoy!

Get all your Bones in the UK information HERE


louise said...

Does Emily have a problem with the cold or something? First the Uggs in London, now that huge jacket ... she does know it's June doesn't she?!

Milk Mama said...


Louise, I'm the same way. I'm always chilly lol. And I was thinking about the Uggs, she's always wearing heals, so I'm sure the Uggs are way more comfortable between takes!!! Plus warm!!!

Anonymous said...

I was there today, and it was pretty chilly, so im not surprised about the coat and boots, i got the chance to meet Emily and she is lovely :)

Wendy said...

Get any pictures?! =)

I love consistently hearing how friendly David and Emily are to the fans.

Lucy said...

LOL it may be June but it is still cold...good old english weather, although she did have the coat on in London too when it was warm and sunny.

xhio said...

Hay, these pictures are wonderful! *_* I've never seen them anywhere else... I must add they're quite interesting: why Emily wears that heavy coat in that way? Does she have to for the part, or is just her? And if is for the part, why would Bones do such a childish thing? I'm confused. And what about David? The way he looks to the pair from the corner, near the monument: is just him or is it Booth? is he jealous? :P I think that he will be VERY jealous in this episode ;)

Shelby said...

As for the coat subject: the weather here is crappy and cold lol.
My theories to it are: It could have been part of a scene, Brennan could have been undercover as a student or something.
The actors could have just been rehearsing lines or checking lighting or something before the scene.
I guess we'll just have to wait and find out when the new season aires [cant wait!]
Thanks for posting these pics btw i wasn't allowed to go when they were in London >.<

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