Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bones Promo Reggae Song

This isn't new per se, but I don't remember being able to find this complete level of information, including a place you could access the track, last time I checked.

Awhile ago I mentioned a promo being played, advertising the Bones Season 3 reruns over the summer. The music playing isn't something you'd normally associate with Bones. It's a heavy thumping reggae beat. If you happen to be curious about the song (me I'm curious about everything which is why you have so much to read here) I found a place that already did the leg work.

The name of the song is Boom Shot Dis and it was created by 2 guys, Kelly B and Gussy G, who do a lot of production music work. To read the entry I found, go here. To read about the guys themselves you can click here and if you're just interested in hearing the beat you can click here. Warning: It's a bit infectious!


L said...

Ooh you weren't kidding - that's good stuff!

Tracie said...

You should have checked out the music section at 206 at livejournal. We've had the song title there since about a week after the promo aired :)

We're usually pretty good at finding songs that were played shortly after the air :)

Wendy said...

Oh I had the title all along but not a place you could listen to it legitimately and I knew so many places were reporting that part, including yours and the official forums, that I just held off =)

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