Friday, June 6, 2008

David Boreanaz as Hal Jordan - The Green Lantern

The Coventrytelegraph blog has a highlight of an interview/article TV Producer Doug Berlanti gave recently. There have been fears that the planned Green Lantern movie was fading fast but it appears to still be a go.

David Boreanaz lent his voice to Hal Jordan already in Justice League: The New Frontier, an animated version of the story, earlier this year and he's in the running (at least for fans) to take on the position in the live action film. The article mentions a few names alongside his and highlight credentials for all of them but David. Lets hope he truly is on the short list!

Quick behind-the-scenes video from David's work on the animated project


ADDhole said...

Doesn't he just look so right in a dress uniform with a rifle? I think he'd make as good a Green Lantern as any of the others. I'm a huge original heroes fan for those old comic book series. If he wasn't right - I'd say it.

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