Wednesday, June 11, 2008

David Boreanaz in Monte Carlo - Article and Video

For more information on David Boreanaz at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, here are a few links for you from the official festival site and other media.

PDF File with multiple interviews. Scroll down for David Boreanaz. And then keep scrolling for more pictures and a Q&A. Downside? It's in French and my 4 years of French ended about 6 years go. Anyone have a decent translation?

On this page you can see a few videos from the event. If you watch the June 10th video you can see a few snippets of David. The first is easy to see as he's the only clip in the entire video in black and white and the second his a quick shot of him sitting down with the photographers.

Here you can see a nice media mention and here you can see a jokingly? not nice one. I'm glad he's getting some attention on the gossip sites.

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ADDhole said...

All David - All of the time . . . Does your husband mind that you sleep with David's picture?

Evi said...

Hey, Emily was supposed to be there too but she bailed. It's slow news right now unless I want to really spoil you guys.

ADDhole said...

Just find me the photocopy of Angela's bottom from the first season mention of the previous Christmas party and you can post all the David you want without a complaint after that. (And I bet my request rocks the keywords chart)

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