Monday, June 30, 2008

David Boreanaz: Movie Release

In 2007 David Boreanaz co-starred in a movie that was titled Suffering Man's Charity. It has since been renamed Ghost Writer and seems to finally be heading for DVD this fall. According to the IMDB forums the release date is September 28th and you can view the website here and the trailer here. (Somewhat NSFW warning on that viewing due to imagery.)


Tracie said...

I saw it when it premiered at the Philadelphia Film Festival back a couple years ago. It's an interesting movie.

Suffering Man's Charity is a MUCH better title for it than Ghost Writer though.

Chariot13 said...

Is the torture scene as gruesome as some of the reviews on the site are leading us to believe?

I think I might be scarred for life watching DB getting tortured in women's underwear. haha.

And you're right the original title is much better. I hate when they make indie films change their interesting titles to something so generic.

Coke Brown Jr. said...

Have been waiting for news about this. You came to me through Google Alerts. Hurray!

I agree with the other comments; the original title was much better.

I want to see this really badly.

Cheers to you for reporting the tentative release date.

gilliAHHn said...

just a thought...

after watching the Mummy in the Maze rerun 30 minutes ago,i wanted to know" did anyone else think booth's reaction to the clown in the funhouse was incredibly cute?
:D :D :D
he jumped and squealed a little..

and this movie,is like,the total opposite...soo...its funny

Wendy said...

Absolutely gilli!

And I'm happy to deliver, coke =)

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