Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fun on Café Press - Bones and David Boreanaz designs

I don't play on Café Press often, and here's why: I find too many interesting things and wow where'd the time go? Searching a little Bones, David Boreanaz and the related I found some fun designs.

Booth and Brennan Teddy Bear
T-Shirt: One of Booth's Squints
T-Shirt: I love Bones
T-Shirt: I'm very smart, though it has nothing to do with...
T-Shirt: BoothBrennan: Made for each other. Down to the Bone.
T-Shirt: Bones for President (Though I'd have preferred "Vote for Bones" in Pedro style myself.)
T-Shirt: Everything I need to know I learned from Bones...(bag too)

I can't decide which is my favorite! None are mine by the way. I write. Graphic design just frustrates me.

P.S. I feel dirty now. I searched "Vote for Bones" and I got this instead. Eww.

P.P.S. I'm enjoying this too much. I just found more!
T-shirt: I heart Booth
Boxers: Knight in Shining FBI Standard Issue Body Armor
T-Shirt/Mug/Bag: Coffee. That's our relationship?
T-Shirt: I've done my Googling
T-Shirt: I want World Peace...And Seeley Booth shirtless!
T-Shirt: Gonna need a flashier tie.
T-Shirt/Bag: I miss normal people

As much as I like Booth I'm going to have to say that these 2 are my favorites:

and then
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