Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guest Blogging: Hart Needs a Hug

This post was one of Jamie Frevele's from the charity blog-off yesterday. Enjoy!

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Wendy and Jamie discuss how bad they feel that Bones creator Hart Hanson thinks that the show has a “negative Internet presence” and why we think he needs a hug.

JAMIE: Wendy, that article really upset me, the one on Blogcritics.

WENDY: I know. Hearing bad things about Bones is really not the kind of press I like to see.

JAMIE: It’s like Hart Hanson is the Willie Randolph of Bones. Except the season finale actually had high ratings as opposed to having an historic collapse and he wasn’t fired at 3 AM.

WENDY: Other than that, you’re right - exactly alike.

JAMIE: Don’t sass me, Wendy. But seriously, the whole tone he took - I think he needs a hug.

WENDY: I agree. We can’t help it if we don’t proclaim our love as loudly as the detractors proclaim their hate. Sorrreeeee - if we love the show, we’re going to be grammatically correct, spell check and engage in lively and civilized discussion.

JAMIE: We could change our ways. How about this: OMG i cant beliv he did that 2 zak but i like 2tle respect tha cre8v deciszion that wuz made WOOOOOOOOOOOO booth iz sooooooooo hotttttttt

WENDY: “2tle”?

JAMIE: That was “totally.” I tried.

WENDY: Oh, right. Yeah, I don’t want to do that.

JAMIE: Yeah, me neither.

WENDY: Don’t get me wrong, David Boreanaz is quite attractive.

JAMIE: I concur. Though I honestly think they’re all hot.

WENDY: It’s a good-looking cast. But this Hart thing is bothering me.

JAMIE: It’s wrong that he feels so bad. But I defended him. I said he shoots puppies and laughs, but I still stood up for him.

WENDY: That’s a serious charge to place on a guy.

JAMIE: Yes, but you know what? The point is I understand why he shot my puppy. I was mad about it, but I understood. People just can’t see the bigger picture for Bones - if it stayed the same, why would we keep watching?

WENDY: Absolutely, and it’s not as if he didn’t acknowledge that the Zack storyline was botched. But all that means is that he’ll make sure Season 4 kicks ass.

JAMIE: Right. All is forgiven, Hart.

WENDY: All is forgiven. You did what you thought was best for your show.

JAMIE: Yes, it’s true that we’re both writing our own versions of what we expect you to come up with for next season’s imperative, mandatory, unavoidable, de rigueur explanation for what happened to Zack - a Zacksplanation, if you will. But it’s really just an exercise for the two of us, both aspiring writers, to see how well we can take existing characters and get inside their heads.

WENDY: What did you do, go to for that?

JAMIE: Yeah. I think I used de rigueur corectly, but I could be wrong.

WENDY: Anyway, if our spec scripts mean anything, it’s how much we love your show and the characters you, the writers and the cast created for us, your loving audience.

JAMIE: Exactly. And if you like our stories, even better.

WENDY: And if you don’t like them, we’ll just have to join cannibalistic cults and hide it really, really well for months until we suddenly admit to it.

JAMIE: I live in New York, so that will be easy for me to do.

WENDY: Don’t think it would be hard in Tennessee.

JAMIE: And as for this thing about bad feedback on the cast - WHO exactly is saying that????

WENDY: Yeah, really! David, Emily, Eric, TJ, Michaela, Tamara, Johnnie Frank et al. - consider yourselves all virtually hugged.

JAMIE: Yes. All of you. For real, I am rather small, but I will Hulk Out on anyone who gives any of you trouble. Only I’m pretty uncoordinated, so it’ll have to be in blog form.

WENDY: So, you’ll just Hulk out at your desk. On the computer.

JAMIE: Yeah.

WENDY: That’s really intimidating. Everyone, watch out…

JAMIE: You’re sassing me again, lady.

WENDY: In conclusion, to Hart and the entire cast of Bones, please accept this virtual hug from two devoted fans.

[Lynn: From me too!! :-)]

JAMIE: Two devoted fans with writing skills and forums on which to display them. We promise good press for all of you. Even if you pull another stunt like “Pain in the Heart.”

WENDY and JAMIE: OMG we 2tle llllluuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvv u guyz!


Milk Mama said...

All is forgiven. And this will be the first season of Bones that I'm so addicted to that I'm going to watch beginning to end. So... it's safe to say that Hart shooting my puppy worked. ;)

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