Friday, June 20, 2008

Guest Blogging: The Pain in [Many] Heart(s)

One of my posts from the Searchingbones charity blog-off. Enjoy!

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The Season 3 Bones finale left many of you sad, a lot of you angry, and a few of us ‘fine’ or even happy, but, living in fear lest we utter those dangerous words: it’s OK that Zack was the apprentice. For this particular discussion of Zack all mentions of doing grievous bodily harm upon the writers, how compressed the plot was, or any delirious dream from Booth need not apply. Like it or not, it happened and what’s left is to simply deal with the aftermath.

I wrote this piece in the days after the finale as one possible explanation of how Zack could go from the ‘crack assistant’ who names his bugs to the coldly logical killer who betrayed everyone. I make no claim that it could satisfy everyone and if you think Hart shot your puppy then you need to get in line behind Jamie Frevele.

Writers find each other unfailingly, like little beads of mercury lazily rolling around. Jamie had also written her own theory about Zack on her blog (Note: Pick up your laptop, take it to the couch and curl up with a blanket before you start her post. If you have a short attention span or screaming kids you might want to hunt Cliff Notes.)

Out of the comparison we began to chat and an idea was formed. What if we each wrote scripts? No, I didn’t say treatments, short stories, outlines or fanfics. I said scripts. 60-ish pages of Courier black and white glory: full, ready-to-air episodes. Yes, we’re crazy, but in a good way, right?

In reality we are busy women working on other projects including other scripts for each of us and acting for Jamie. But never fear. In July we should be proudly displaying our Zack scripts, sweat stains and tears no charge, for anyone willing to brave the format to read them. We hope you will enjoy our summertime project and that reading them brings you a bit of enjoyment; pulling you away from contemplation of any nefarious deeds of retribution, or worse, abandoning this great show we all love.


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