Friday, June 20, 2008

Guest Blogging: Want Ad

One of my posts from the Searchingbones charity blog-off. Enjoy!

The purpose of this 24-hour Blog-a-thon is to bring in support for the Actors’ Fund. You can help by making a donation here.


What would you think of this job if you saw it in a want ad?

Minimum Qualifications:

  • A cast-iron spine
  • Creative Genius
  • A forgiving family
  • Passion for your creation that transcends well, pretty much everything


  • You should have so much you get winded relaying it


  • High enough to keep your family happy, too low to chuck it all and enter early retirement (You wouldn’t want to anyway. You love this job, remember?)

Job Description:

  • You will have a bevy of nifty titles like ’showrunner’, ‘creator’, and ‘executive producer’
  • Rarely you might have time to give in to your passion and see a ‘written by’ appear next to your name but don’t count on it
  • You will have to check the TV guide yourself sometimes if you want to know what night your show will air this season or even this month
  • Optional, but highly recommended, is tattooing ‘Sticks and stones…’ on your right hand or forehead as if it is the Mark of the Beast. Company will provide a discount coupon.
  • You will have to take very nice people that you love to the side and kick them to the curb. You will know that it’s a necessary casualty but it will still Pain your Heart.
  • You will dream the words ‘ratings’, ‘budgets’ and ’schedules’
  • Faceless people around the world will know your name. Some will discuss you with thoughtful praise while others will scream your name through gritted teeth as if it were the vilest curse. For the most part they will keep watching though.

I don’t think I could do it! I would love to write for the man but I would not want to be him.

Hart, I know that you, your staff and the actors take a terrible amount of abuse and it’s easy to miss our happy praise. Love beams while anger roars. But know that there are many portals in Bones fandom where the show is thoughtfully discussed and heartily praised. We really do appreciate the amount of hard work you put into this amazing show and want you, and every one else involved, to know how much we appreciate you and the fruits of your joint labor.


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