Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hart Hanson at Banff has a great article detailing Hart Hanson's time at Banff. There are many great bits of information, like:

~David Boreanaz wasn't supposed to be a full series star. ... WHAT? Wow, no clue there. I'm really glad they didn't stick to that plan!
~Bones was the 5th Pilot Hart pitched

And much more.


louise said...

Wow, thanks for that article. I already knew that the series was originally meant to be more Brennan-centred, but I did learn a couple of new things...

1) Zack was originally going to be a victim of Gormagon (which, in a way, I still think he was)

2) HH is working on a pilot for the Myron Bolitar novels! He's found my second guitly pleasure (after Bones) ... I love Harlan Coben books!

Milk Mama said...

I loved this article!!! That was cool to read about!

Anonymous said...

What I wouldn't give to have been a fly in the room when David "challenged" Emily!

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