Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hart Hanson on Zack (Again!)

The Banff World Television Festival, June8-11, snuck by us with all the David Boreanaz in Monte Carlo TV Festival pictures and hijinx, but Hart Hanson was there and he said a bit more about the plot choices. He's not backing down from his right to oust Zack but he is willingly admitting their errors in how compressed the plot line was in the end. You can read a blog post here from about various producers/creators on different shows, including his. But I've also copied his excerpt for you here.

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Hart Hanson, creator of the romantic comedy procedural crime drama – say that twice – would say little about the new season other than that the two-hour premiere was being shot in England, and he remains puzzled as to why FOX agreed to the expensive proposition. "It's a huge pain in the ass to write," he indicated, saying the network wanted it to be a cohesive episode but able to be aired as two separate episodes. "So it has to be seamless but with a great big seam in it." About the plot, all he would say was that "someone's going to die, and we find their bones."

As for the fate of Zack (Eric Millegan), Hanson was apologetically unapologetic. He believes in the creative choice to shake up the ensemble, indicated that because they hadn't killed the character, the door was open to revisit Zack "with his poor hands in black gloves or something," but admitted that the strike-shortened season made that arc too compressed. "It should have been seamless. We failed. There are no excuses in television. We should have found a way to make it land more elegantly."


ADDhole said...

Yes. He absolutely had the right to shake things up. The fact that he admits it could have been "seamless" is all the acknowledgment I need to be satisfied.

That means they are taking efforts to keep the show tight and awesome.

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