Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hart Hanson: Yet another take on Banff

Blogcritics has yet another excellent article on Hart Hanson and his master class at the Banff festival. This one covers some tidbits you've seen and a few you haven't. It's an excellent read and can be found here.


When he was set to work writing the pilot of Bones, he was concerned the studio was expecting a CSI-type show. "They said no, we want your way, meaning soft and squishy. I thought they were lying ... and they were, but not as badly as I thought."

"The bad thing is quite honestly now we're an orphan. We don't belong to anybody. They'd love to replace us if we could just stop having this 9 or 10 million people tune in every week."

- Funny or not Hart, don't even joke about losing viewers!


CupcakeBean said...

"The initial concept, since Boreanaz hadn't wanted to work full time on a series again, was that Bones would have worked with Booth for about half the episodes, and with various other cops for the other half."

Two thoughts on this quote from the article (Thank you for sharing it Wendy, btw.). First of all, I'm so glad they didn't have Brennan working with various cops. The show wouldn't have been what it is today. It would have become another Law & Order-type show instead of the character-driven show we love.

Secondly, I am concerned to find out that David didn't want to be cast full-time on the show and that he wasn't interested in being in another TV series when he was offered the part. I'm not sure what has given me this impression, but I'm afaid he is getting burned out on the show. Hart mentions in this article that David doesn't like to talk about Angel. I saw a clip (I think it was from TV Guide) when someone asked him if he would be interested in a Buffy/Angel movie and he seemed to get very annoyed by the question. I don't know anything about Angel, but it seems like he may have gotten sick of the part. I hope that doesn't happen with Bones. The worst thing that could happen is if they tried to write Booth out of the show (à la David Duchovny in The X-Files). :\

Wendy said...

I get the impression, though, that as long as Angel was on the air he was extremely loyal to the show. He played it 8 years and gave his all. I think what it came down to was avoiding being typecast. When Bones is over he probably will refuse to talk about it just as he does with Angel, but I feel that as long as the show is on he will give it his all.

And if I'm wrong...I read the actors all signed 5 year contracts so we should have at least 5 seasons.

I have no idea why he didn't want to work full-time on Bones. He did 3 movies in the first year after Angel so maybe he wanted more movie making time. From what I've read at various places the man is a workaholic.

CupcakeBean said...

That makes me feel better. Thanks! :)

Milk Mama said...

ACK!!! Don't joke about Fox taking them off the air, either!!!

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