Sunday, June 29, 2008

Latest Strike News

Tomorrow SAG and AFTRA contracts with the AMPTP run out. AFTRA has a tentative deal and SAG has been meeting with the AMPTP every day, even indicating willingness to continue to negotiate past the contract expiration but hope doesn't seem high with a strike looking more likely each day.

Within a few days the results of a member vote on the tentative AFTRA contract should be revealed. Leading up to that, SAG and AFTRA are still at odds and big name members of AFTRA are chosing sides and pushing either 'Vote Yes' or 'Vote No' agendas for the contract ratification.

SAG - news releases
AMPTP - no news since June 12th
AFTRA - pushing Yes votes

A great article outlining all the twists and turns related to the situation can be read here.
Another article, from Variety, discussing the talks.


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