Thursday, June 26, 2008

More (and some of the same) Images from Bones in London has a gallery of images from Bones filming in London. Many are already linked on this blog (full list here) and some are detailed images of the crime scene. You can see the full gallery from B-B here. Below are a few images I've not shown you before.


Jessarella said...

Your blog is fascinating!
I truly enjoy it.
I'm a fan!
Well feel free to read/comment my posts.
I'd greatly appreciate it.

Gabriela said...

This is somewhat OT, but as a newly minted Bones addict I am happy to find this blog. I have read many wishful posts that want Booth and Bones to get romantic. NO! NO! NO! NO! It will just destroy the fine balance between them and frankly it will ruin the show (Moonlighting, Sam and Diane etc etc.) The tension between them is what makes it interesting, and besides both of them have a casual attitude towards sex. He is a horndog with a heart and she is clinical about it. I will cringe when they decide to become involved and probably stop watching. Great blog, I'll be back.

Milk Mama said...

There's Lucky Lucy again!!! Hey Luce! ;)

Love the new pics.

Cordy said...

Hey Wendy
I just wanted to say how much I love your blog.
I've stumbled over it a few weeks ago. Since then I stop by regularly to get my daily Bones-dose :D
I really appreciate your effort. THX

L said...

Oh huzzah! These are the best of the lot. :D So cute!

Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures!! Booth is wearing his cocky beltbuckle-lol! Just thought I would point that out to everyone. :)

Lucy said...

LOL my friend didn't take that pic so i have no idea who took it but i'm grateful for it anyways! Its weird to see pics of myself on the internet!

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