Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Bones in London: Greenwich Pictures

The earlier pictures of Bones filming in London had David Boreanaz, now we see a hint of Emily Deschanel. Looks like they are still in London for now. Wonder when they will hit Oxford?

Edit: As was pointed out to can just see David Boreanaz in the 2nd picture when you open the larger version. He's standing with Creator Hart Hanson and Director/Producer Ian Toynton on the left side.

Source: The Greenwich Phantom


Gary said...

Looks like David in the 2nd picture, 3rd person from the left.

Wendy said...

You are so right!

Anonymous said...

ok I'm going to London tomorrow, wonder where I should go look?? would be so good to see what they're doing. will try to catch them in Oxford too, might be slightly easier, it's a little smaller... *sigh* fingers' crossed


Wendy said...

Good luck Holly and please let us know if you succeed =)

Gary said...


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